Basketball Wives LA season 2 reunion recap part 2 [video]


The best idea that emerged out of part two of the Basketball Wives LA season 2 reunion came from the question of what cast member would you swap out to Miami and bring back in return. You can check out the answers below, Evelyn was the overwhelming choice to be brought to LA. But, can you imagine a mash-up of the two casts? Jackie running amok in Miami. Evelyn meeting Brooke and Laura for drinks in LA. I’m up for that. It takes the cast out of their comfort zones and could bring life to some of the rehashed areas of both shows.


Laura gave what seemed to be a heartfelt apology to Jackie for the wicked games she played just to get revenge.

Laura also added on Twitter that she puts “extras” on things for the entertainment of the viewers. And she added that she was hoping VH1 would release the tape of her beating Draya down… but she deleted those Tweets…



She also shared her insight about Bambi’s mixtape and her attempt at making “shimmer” happen via a quote from one of my favorite movies, “Mean Girls.” You can check some of the Twitter quoted below

In the mean time, shooting began three weeks ago for season 5 of Basketball Wives Miami. So far most of that was shot in LA with a bit in New York and this week back in Miami. Advantage Evelyn, she’s been super busy since season 4 concluded.

If you missed the recap for part 1 or simply want the intel on what the ladies were rocking on the show, go HERE.

photos and video via VH1

  • indi

    I agree with you; I would love to
    see a swap between the Miami and LA cast mates, it would make the most
    interesting season in the franchise. I would fear for Jackie if she went to
    Miami because I don’t think she would last five seconds with Evelyn and her
    temper. I missed the first part of the reunion because of my work schedule at
    DISH, but overall I liked this season of BBWLA. I’m glad I set my DISH Hopper
    to record the reunion for me, I have other shows I like to watch the same night
    but there is over 400 hours of HD DVR room so I can record this show and my
    other favorite shows that air the same night without using much room; this has
    been a lifesaver for me.