Basketball Wives LA firing 4 cast members

Basketball Wives LA hasn’t exactly been entertaining this season. The ratings have dipped, the story lines are dull and the producers have taken notice. Word on the TMZ streets is that 4 of the “wives” – cause I know how particular you guys are about the fact that there are so few actual wives on the show – have been axed.

Gloria Govan-Barnes, Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey are being axed because the wives, especially Gloria, weren’t allowing “all of their reality to be filmed.”

Apparently the producers were pissed that Gloria eloped with Matt Barnes and didn’t give them a head’s up. Keep in mind, the show was still filming when that happened and with the lack of ANYTHING interesting going beyond Jackie and Draya (Yikes that’s really all they’ve got) that could be a problem.
The ladies allegedly don’t know they’re being fired – well didn’t, they read blogs just like you – and the hunt is on for their replacements. Shaunie O’Neal tweeted as much a few weeks ago.

I’m sure they’ve already finished this season. Interesting to note, Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn are all out in LA now. maybe the LA wives show could be like when Kourtney and Kim moved to New York. That way they could show them looking for other “wives” wanting to create their own circle… Just a thought.

  • Serra

    I haven’t really kept up with this season of Basketball
    Wives simply because it has been pretty boring. My roommate on the other hand
    is devoted to anything that has the word “housewives” in it. So our Hopper has
    been set to record every episode of the show this season and she usually
    catches up after work. I’m not surprised that the show has possibly decided to
    give four ladies the axe. The whole point of a reality show is to show the
    reality of your life and if you don’t own up to that (which presumably is part
    of their contract) then yes, they should get fired. My DISH co-worker is pretty
    excited that the Govan sisters may be on their way out. Either way, I don’t
    care. This show wasn’t on my must-watch list anyway.

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