Basketball Wives Draya Michelle’s Sex Tape Allegedly Features Chris Brown?

Basketball Wives star Draya Michele tweeted recently that a possible sex tape featuring her could be released. Now details about the alleged recording are starting to emerge. Apparently the video features she and Chris Brown taking turns recording each other while they do freaky things. The asking price is currently $50,000.

I wonder if she’s thinking Kim Kardashian plan? I haven’t seen that work for a woman of color and considering the backlash that Kimmy is currently receiving, I don’t know if that’s the best way to generate star power.

The reason why I think this has to be coming from her end is because she said only she and the other participant have copies of the footage. Let’s be real, 1. If it was really Chris Brown, $50K isn’t a lot for that footage and it would be for him more so than her.  2. It doesn’t enhance Chris’s brand to leak it and 3. Like I’ve said previously, most people aren’t shocked to hear an ex-stripper who has a petulant for athletes and already has topless photos on the net would have some sort of video to go along with the rest of the stereotypes.

My money says if said video really exists, this is all for attention. We’ll know soon enough if I’m correct.


Draya is planning legal action saying that she and Chris Brown have NEVER recorded such a video. Interesting, I couldn’t imagine one existed with him and would be marketed because of HER success.  This all reeks of attention seeking behavior by “someone.” :shrug: