The Assist: Steve and Alejandra Nash’s Son Matteo [Photo]

Alejandra (Amarilla)  Nash’s has been in the rumor mill lately regarding the circumstances surrounding her divorce from Suns Point guard Steve Nash.

She recently did an interview with Arizona Foothill magazine to discuss the documentary she’s working on about her native country of Paraguay. Included was a photo of her twin girls and new baby boy Matteo. He favors Steve, guess that cancels the rumors about his paternity, yes?

  • vivian

    What a disappointment, I always thought of Steve Nash as the exception to the NBA stereotype. He seems like a genuine caring person in interviews. I am shocked that he would cheat on his wife with a 22 year old! I hope she gets a good settlement in the divorce.

  • Tod

    Why are kids ankles black in this picture?

  • Sunshine

    OMG…I wish ppl would cut it out. that baby does NOT look black.

    And to the person that mentioned his ANKLE…uuumm do u not c that its UNDER a pair of jeans. there’s a thing called a shadow. litl momma standing up leg looks darker than the rest of her..does that mean she’s black?

  • Figures this last response would come from a woman, makes me disgusted that Steve’s wife would do that to him. Leave it to the female below me to bring up the settlement part of things. That is why we are having so many divorces today thanks to all these money hungry women who think they can marry their way into a wealthy lifestyle, pop a few children out and do whatever they want. Lets just hope there are still some decent women out there. [email protected]

  • Jill

    Sir whatever do you mean? Are you also forgetting that Steve cheated? Wow at your assumptions and thoughts about women.

  • Tracy

    Alejandra’s Twitter picture is of her and the baby– who is clearly not black. If Nash had any integrity at all, he would squelch these hateful rumors. A man who leaves his pregnant wife for a 22 year old then allows her to be called a whore and his teammate to receive hate mail is a real piece of crap.

  • kevin lira

    it may not look black but it was clearly stated it wasnt his baby

  • Jill

    Where was that “clearly stated”?

  • Mujercitas

    Trevor & Kevin you are a retards and ignorants, I personally know Alejandra and I know her values and where she cames from, She is not like the superficial person like the one you are used too…Her baby has Steven’s face and is WHITE AS MILK you ignorant!! know the facts before you place your stupid notes here…Steve is the son of the bitch who cheated on her with a 22 yrs old WHORE and the media is cover up for him …and making her look bad….SO SAD FOR THE MEDIA WHO LIES!!! and do not have the balls to expose him…

  • Sara

    I also regarded Nash as a decent and good husband until the stupid rumors about his wife spread and he did not do anything about them. Now he goes everywhere with his 22 yr whore who obviously just wants his $$$ let’s see when she dumps him 4 a younger guy. Alejandra proved she is a classy lady who deserves better than the scumbag Nash. He might be rich but is lacking intelligence and common sense like many athletes unfortunately. I just hope he doesn’t come back to Alejandra when his realizes his whore was after his $ and fame. Alejandra met him many yrs ago when he was not rich & famous, so who’s the golddigger?