Orlando Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide Announces Retirement Days After Drunk Dialing Dwight Howard

Just days after drunk dialing Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide is retiring. Vander Weide called Dwight Howard at 1 a.m. to express how badly he and the team wanted to keep him in Orlando. Vander Weide confirmed that he had “a couple of glasses of wine” prior to hitting up Dwight.

I wonder how many superstars can say they received an impassioned plea not leave them at 1:00 AM not from a female, but from their team’s owner? I wonder if he gave Gilbert Arenas and Jason Richardson a call too.

Vander Weide had this to say about the call.

“Maybe Dwight thought it was inappropriate to talk business after a couple of glasses of wine… Maybe I should have waited until the morning.”

Clearly!! That is funny to me! I guess he remembers how it felt when Shaq left the Magic for L.A… It must still hurt.

  • Kenley

    Lol…too reiciulous. Jill i know youre a Lakers’ fan like me, what do you think of Dwight coming to L.A.? …I mean I’d love him here, but I sometimes have (major) issues over losing a beloved Laker! ..I might shed a tear for L.O. & Khloe lol

  • Kenley


  • The magic lose shaq under very suspicious circumstances,like no tampering,now we get a building block in Howard and he claims he wants to play for NJ? Every star that’s ever played there from Kidd , Carter,the list goes on but the simple fact is Howard doesn’t want to play in NJ,the next yr its off to LA.The NBA has become a joke,1st thier payed more money to play a game that they love in the 1st place,and millions.Take away there B-ball skills and most would be serving burgers,selling tools, or stocking at walmart. Most don’t even have a REAL college education.25 teams are like the chumps who play the globetrotters.6 maybe 8 teams have all the talent an if they don’t they will find away to get them.I LOVE basketball but now that i see the entire picture,I wouldn’t go to a game if it was free.As far as TV,not a chance in H#ll. If the NBA allows this and I was an owner i’d with the other 25 teams close shop.The players are only using them to get the millions they want an I bet they can’t even balance there own ck book.Sports in america for me is history,rigged,an embarrassment.People today don’t even know on monday if they still have a job and these players who play for a game they love in the 1st place lost what its like to be a real american.At least in wrestling Vince admits the outcome is arranged but if your not in tip top shape its a fact you could get very hurt if not planned and practiced WAY IN advance.