Chelsea Handler thinks ARod is disgusting


E! talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler is not a fan of suspended New York Yankee Alex Rodriquez. During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Handler shared how she informed ARod that she thinks he’s a piece of crap.

  • LB

    She’s probably mad cause Arod didn’t screw her……

  • brian

    Pretty sure Chelsea Handler operates (at least most of the time) under a sort of inverse virgin/whore theory, wherein women who sleep around are badass and sexy (sorry, “sexual”, as she would say) while men who do the same are just sluts. Which is kind of refreshing, but not really that great either.

    Plus she just hates A-Rod. Has for forever. Comedians need famous acceptable targets for vitriol, you know?

  • foh9seing

    Thanks to unfunded Medicare Part B and D for the sky high cost for medications.