Fact from Fiction: Aja Metoyer is the mother of Dwyane Wade’s son Xavier


Ok Kids, lets break down the Dwyane Wade newborn son situation, and separate fact from fiction. 1st off Sandrina, who was initially identified as Dwyane’s son Xavier  Zechariah Wade – that’s the new baby’s name – mom isn’t. Sandrina was involved with Dwyane at one point, as well as Lamar Odom, but no kids. I spoke with Sandrina and she said she didn’t want to give an official comment on her relationship with Dwyane Wade.


Xavier’s mother is 30 year old Aja Metoyer of Los Angeles.  Per TMZ, the baby was born on Nov. 10th.  Aja has two older children with Damon Wayans Jr., yes, from THAT Wayans family. Now, the second interesting thing about this, Aja is good friends with one of Gabby’s good friends.




Dwyane has know Aja for awhile. As a matter of fact, here’s an old tweet from him wishing her  Happy Mother’s day in addition to Lauren London, Tracy Mourning and others.

Aja has since deleted her Twitter.  But the same theory applies as before, They love a referral.

As for the idea that DWade and Gabby were on a break when this all went down, I already told you that was false. But if you recall when DWade dropped the “break” news, he planned for that aspect and said the two still “supported” each other during the break. Gabby found out about the pregnancy in April according to my sources, so this is no surprise to any of the parties involved.

Aja probably got pregnant sometime in February and as you can see from these Instagram posts, Gabby and DWade weren’t acting as if they were on a “break.”

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  • Chelsia Latney

    It was probably more like January Jill….but not to split hairs facts still remains. But as long as Gabby is good with it and has had lots of time to DIGEST this. But I wonder how things are with her and the mutual friend.

  • Brie

    You just spilled some good tea hunni

  • StilettoJill

    Yeah everybody has their something to deal with in relationships.

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  • CaliforniaGirl

    Ms. Union must have very low self-esteem. I cannot believe that any mentally healthy woman would stay with a man that not only cheated on her but had children with these other women. This is a terrible situation that she needs to get herself out of. No man is worth putting up with that much pain and humiliation. In these days where AIDS and STD’s run rampant its also sickening to know that your partner whom your supposed to be able to trust with your life has had so many unprotected sexual encounters with other women. G.U and any other women who put up with this, get away from these men! They are not worth the agony that they cause!

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  • Jack Shick