Dwyane Wade reacts to ex-wife’s public meltdown on Instagram


By now you’ve heard about Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches sitting on the street in downtown Chicago, protesting against the Miami Heat star. Shortly after DWade posted a “selfie” on Instagram with a caption that read, “#REALLY #whatyoutalkingaboutwillis #aintnobodygottimeforthat


Sub- instagramming at it’s finest? The situation is truly sad and ultimately it’s their two sons who will pay the price. I hope a quick and less public resolution can be reached soon.

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  • Mai

    Danisha Wade is so freakin immature, Ms. Jill, you writers, oops, “bloggers” ( you have to get a degree in journalism to a “real writer”) need to stay out of this woman business. I’m sure she has gone through allot with Danisha, would you want someone to just sit on their fat asses ( most bloggers, not you Ms. Jill) and talk about other ppl life? You chicks think fool like Danisha are hella cool because of their status, no they cheat, lie etc. Give this chick a break

  • StilettoJill

    Well Ms. Mai my degree is in Communications so… LMAO

  • Mai

    Well Ms. Communication 101, the point is leave this woman alone. As far as your degree nobody is really impressed not me, The holy spirit, Jesus nor Jehovah God. We’ll all be judged for the good we did on earth. Jehovah hates GOSSIPERS.

  • Mai


  • StilettoJill

    Well, you were the one that bought degrees into the conversation, Second, perhaps you missed it in the other post but SHE actually phoned me last week. She’s trying to get this information out into the media.


    Could not have said it any better. Ever thought of taking these lame bloggers job?