Evelyn Lozada dating a Dodger?


Hmmm could Evelyn Lozada be executing the trifecta? Lozada is allegedly becoming friendly with Dodgers player Carl Crawford per HipHollywood. Lozada’s camp is saying that the rumors are false, and that Evelyn and Carl haven’t even met. In case you were wondering about Crawford’s contract, 7 year, $142 million signed back in 2010.

According to several sources, and a few well placed eyewitness accounts, the reality star was in NYC during the Dodgers late April series with the Mets and was spotted at Chase Field.

I guess time will tell if it’s true or not. Out of the three most popular leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB,) baseball money pays the most and is guaranteed. That would be a great rebound plan. And, Evelyn relocated to LA a few months ago for a fresh start. At the very least, it would make for great content for her book series, “Inner circle (wives association)”


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