Lakers Matt Barnes and a member of rapper The Game’s entourage E-beef over Gloria Govan

People tend to think that every single situation on reality TV is a set up. That there is a script the cast memorizes and all the arguments or “situations” are fake. And while there’s absolutely a bit of fiction sprinkled in, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss everything. Today’s example involves Lakers forward Matt Barnes and his off-and-on fiance, Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan.

Remember when Matt released a statement confirming Gloria had linked up with one of his friends? Various rumors swirled as to who said “friend” was. A few hinted that it was rapper, The Game. Well last night on Twitter, a member of The Game’s crew, Avante Rose decided to twitpic a photo of Gloria allegedly wearing his (Avante) sweatshirt and laying in bed. He and Matt ended up in a little Twitter war. You know the standard fare, I” touched yo chick in yo bed” and so forth:


Soooooo yeah, you think women are messy? I must say, I admire Matt for not giving a damn-or at least portraying that he doesn’t really well. Ladies, let this be yet another lesson in “They ABSOLUTLEY talk too.” Am I wrong for feeling that this is rather b***hmade?


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