Bench Warrant Issued For Terrell Owens In California

It’s been a really rough couple of months for Terrell Owens. Empty open workout, no new NFL team, bad reaction to prescription meds- look, that’s what they say happened so, that’s what happened, OK. And now, we add yet another issue.

Per TMZ a bench warrant was issued for T.O.’s arrest in California after the reality starĀ  missed anĀ  October 24th child support hearing… this was a different child support case, not the one from Georgia with Monique Reynolds. He caught up on those payments after she asked the court have him jailed for non-payment.

Owens has four children he’s required to pay child support for. He recently requested reductions in the amounts he pays. According to his rep, the amounts are based on the income he earned in 2007 when he was playing for the Dallas Cowboys and earning between “$11 and 12 million a year.”

Owens also has a $2 million lawsuit against former financial advisors.

Damn man, the end of an athlete’s career who didn’t have an “exit strategy” is a depressing thing.

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  • Filya

    This don’t make no kinda sense. I guess the words budget neva entered the picture. And I don’t need a financial advisor. It’s what mutual funds are for. Don’t you got common sense to know a good investment from a bad one. Buy stocks in established companies and keep it moving. SMH