University Of Miami Booster, Nelvin Shapiro Admits To Providing Cash & Gifts To Hurricanes Players From 2002-2010

Another college athletic program bites the dust. The University of Miami or simply, “The U” hasn’t been it’s formerself as of late but that isn’t of concern. Former Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro has come clean about years of benefits he provided to players (and coaches) of the Miami football and basketball programs. Many of these players are currently in the NFL.

There’s a lot of information but check some of the highlights below.

Among the favors Shapiro claimed to have handled for University of Miami players:

Shapiro’s $1.6 million yacht was also available to players on a regular basis for fishing trips, leisure trips and lodging for the availability of prostitution. The cost to take the boat out was about $2,000 per trip

This is a story that we continue to hear. The NCAA has got to make changes to how they are currently operated, this isn’t something that will magically go away, especially in the current economic climate. It should be noted that Shapiro is currently serving 20 years in federal prison on securities fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud and money laundering all related to a ponzi scheme he was involved in. He freely admits that being incarcerated was part of his motivation to come clean (he’s reached out to some of the players he’s helped and they didn’t respond or help him)

If you have the opportunity, you should absolutely read the entire Yahoo piece.