New Jersey Nets Owner, Jay-Z Balls Out In Liv Nightclub

New Jersey Nets partial owner Jay Z has another career in case you forgot. The 41-year old rapper popped bottles (comped bottles but they all go down the same, yes?) at Miami hot spot Liv, to celebrate the release of he and Kanye West’s album “Watch The Throne”.

There was said to be a line starting as early as 4:00 PM for the pleasure of dropping $200 if you’re a female, $500 if you’re a male just to party in the same atmosphere as Jay. If you wanted to be close enough that he might splash his Ace of Spades on your shoes as he breezed by, VIP was $2000.


The promoter allegedly paid with a package deal; $25,000 to fuel up the G5, suite at the Fountain Bleu and $20,000 worth of comped bottles. Ye didn’t make the trip. Jay also tipped the wait staff $50,000 for their service. I’d still pick the Mavericks Championship celebration over this but, sounds like everyone is happy. I’m sure Liv and the promoters made that money back in the first 2 hours.



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