Dwight Howard allegedly DM’s fan on Twitter saying he can barely run and Magic don’t care about him

Dwight Howard is a first class idiot… Sorry, those are my feelings. I’m sure he’s probably a really nice guy that’s just making a lot of bad business decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I feel the Magic are equally to blame because there’s no reason why this scenario should’ve dragged out for as long as it has. It damages their credibility as a franchise and it hurts the current players on the roster.

The latest incident, a Twitter fan has released allegeded DM’s Dwight allegedly sent him where he shed some light on what was happening between he and the Magic franchise.

In the DMs Dwight reveals that the Magic “Does not care about him” and “does this to all of their superstars.”

He also says that he can “barely run” and that the Magic have yet to speak with his doctor.

Yup, that’s the news that you want leaked as you attempt to work on a trade where you’ll get some sort of value. The Magic should’ve pulled the trigger during the season.

As for Dwight, come on… I wonder if he’s going to use the “I was hacked” excuse. At the time of these DM’s Dwight was following this fan, I checked. ::giggle::  According to @MagicMarquee,  he tweeted to Dwight “They really don’t believe you” and Dwight responded via DM. Howard hasn’t publicly tweeted since April 20th. You can’t put comments like that in writing given your particular set of circumstances.

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