TNT’s “Inside The NBA” To Hit The Road With The Miami Heat

Inside The NBA is one of the best sports show on TV and if we’re strictly speaking about basketball, it is THE BEST period. This season the show is switching things up. Ernie, Kenny & Charles will be going on the road with the Miami Heat for 2 games. To completely understand why this is a major deal, consider the fact that traditionally, the show only travels during All-Star Weekend in February (which the network covers exclusively) and the Conference finals which usually start in May.

The 2 games they’ll be attending?

Opening night against the Celtics in Boston on October 26th and December 2nd when Lebron returns to Cleveland. Those are most certainly the games to have extra coverage for. I can’t wait to hear Charles reaction at having to travel to see Voltron, Miami thrice, Superfriends ::insert your own nickname here::

The most important thing in all of this? The start of the NBA season is 7 days away!!! MMMMM I Love It!