Kings Clear One More Hurdle On The Path To Become Anaheim/L.A. Royals

Tuesday evening the Anaheim city council voted unanimously to approve $75 million in privately backed bonds setting the stage for the Honda Center to become home of the Kings.

The bonds will be backed by three companies of Anaheim Ducks’ owner Henry Samueli, and will be used to pay relocation fees the Kings will need to pay the NBA, along with improvements to the Honda Center, including NBA locker rooms and a practice facility in the city.

It’s happening and while I know many don’t feel the “L.A. area” needs another NBA team, I really think that there is a large enough fanbase in Orange County on down through San Diego to support this effort and I also don’t think it will impact the Clippers and Lakers significantly. Well except that it’ll knock about 10% off of the Lakers new TV deal but they’ll make that up in relocation fees yes? Perhaps it’s just my selfish nature that is LOVING the idea of another 41 games in my backyard.