Jury Rules In Favor Of Clippers In Elgin Baylor’s Wrongful Termination Suit

Happier times with Donald and Elgin

A jury has ruled against former Clippers GM Elgin Baylor in his lawsuit against the Clippers which claimed he was unjustly fired because of age discrimination and harassment.

Baylor’s attorney, Alvin L. Pittman, was asking that Baylor be awarded $2million for past and future lost wages as well as for emotional distress.

I said this at the outset of this trial. Elgin did himself a disservice by not speaking up sooner. He was vocal about the alleged wrong doings of Sterling until the decision was made to go in another direction. It clouds his credibility even though to a degree, I believe he’s telling the truth about his treatment. The only desire is that Sterling gets his mind together so loyal Clippers fans can pair wins with the cheers for the spectacular dunks.

Dreams can come true!