July 8th, 2010: The Day Lebron James Rocked the NBA

Lebron announces South Beach will be his new home

Today will go down in history as the day the NBA landscape was forever altered by one man.

Lebron announced that The Miami Heat were his choice on “The Decision” at about 9:29 PM EST. The Basketball world has been in a complete tail spin since

including Cavs Majority owner Dan Gilbert writing an Open Letter to fans and posting on the Cavs official website. Highlights of this letter include Dan stating that Lenron has betrayed the fans, he guarntees the Cavs will win a championship before the Heat and also stated in a phone interview that Lebron QUIT on his team during the playoffs. All of this was done in the Cosmic sans font (a popular girly font that I myself use quite frequently but NEVER in a professional setting)

With so much information to digest, it’s taken me a minute to formulate my thoughts but here are MY Highlights:

  • I said a year ago that Lebon could end up in Miami but then I doubted myself… I should never doubt Pat Riley (I LOVE HIM, I have since he coached the Lakers)
  • Lebron said TEAMS win championships. How can you fault him for taking less money to try and win a title?
  • This move works because Dwyane is the leader, Lebron has always been a reluctant one. Bosh was never in the conversation to be one. Now what role players fill out the bench?
  • Dan Gilbert sounds like a teenage girl experiencing her 1st heartbreak. His letter was unprofessional and overly emotional. Lebron played for 7 years in Cleveland, took them to the finals and had 2 seasons as the top team in the NBA. You wanted him back and when he makes a “BUSINESS DECISION”  you then belittle him, resort to pot shots and name calling?? I am appalled. I HOPE David Stern intervenes!
  • Michael Beasley has been shipped off to Minnesota for $2 and a bag of skittles! He was never a fit there. I hope it works out for him with the Timberwolves
  • Mike Miller allegedly signed for 5 years $30 Million… WHOA
  • The Decision generated $2.5 million dollars for the Boys & Girls club. At least someone benefited.
  • I hope Savannah (Lebon’s girlfriend) didn’t watch VH1’s “Basketball Wives”… actually maybe I should be hoping she did…

The Heat have been my favorite team in the East for a few years (ok officially when Shaq was traded there in ’04) so I’ll be excited to watch this saga unfold.

Flash was at Prime 112 (mmmm fried oreos. What you don’t know?? They are DELISH)

And lastly…

Kayne let Bron finish