Meredith Barber lied about receiving shirtless selfie from RG3 on his wedding day

Back in the day, a side chick knew her place. She concerned herself only with her A and B situation with her unavailable man, not seeking attention from strangers by leaking texts, photos and proof of their dalliances. But that’s not how it goes down in 2013. Internet fame is a drug and now we […]

Kevin Durant’s grandmother wants him to watch his mouth

Kevin Durant recently was ejected from his first NBA game of his six-year-NBA career. To date this season, KD has received six techs, also a record. Seems as if the NBA’s Mr. Nice Guy is developing a bit of nasty that’s usually a piece to rising among the ranks of NBA champions. Well, there’s at […]

The Stiletto Jill Show – James Harden & Patrick Willis

Thunder breaks up with James Harden over a text. Really?

Clearly the big news this weekend amongst the NBA was Harden’s trade to Houston. We all know that these kinds of things come with the territory; that the NBA is ultimately a business. But why did Oklahoma Thunder GM Sam Presti, have to do it over a text message?

Joakim Noah put on blast for responding to girlfriend’s text message from another basketball player

How many times have you hit up a PB (potential boo) and had their ACTUAL significant other respond back? Ok, let’s take it a step further what if the person that responded back was an NBA player?