The moment Kobe Bryant learns he has a torn rotator cuff [Video]


The thought of the NBA without Kobe Bryant is something most fans aren’t ready to face. Earlier last week, Kobe injured his shoulder during a game against the New Orleans Pelicans. An MRI revealed that Kobe Bryant suffered a tear of the rotator cuff in his right shoulder.

Byron Scott’s wife wants maintain elite lifestyle in divorce


Marriage and professional athletes doesn’t seem the place you should go looking if forever and ever is the goal. Divorce for professional athletes hovers right around 79% – the national average is 50% – but its still somewhat shocking when you hear of a couple that has been together for decades splitting.

A Frozen Parody starring Kobe Bryant “Let it Tank” [Video]


Bleacher Report decided to break out their animation skills and create a video parody of the hit Disney film, Frozen.  Their version stars an animated Kobe singing his own soul stirring version of “Let it Go,” entitled “Let it Tank.”

Dunk of the Night: Damian Lillard on 2 Lakers [Video]


The Lakers were without Kobe Bryant on Sunday as they faced off against the Portland Trailblazers. Blazers star Damian Lillard made sure he still had a highlight worthy moment, by dunking on several Lakers.

Nick Young says Iggy called him soft after Kobe practice rant


Last month we got a taste of life with Kobe as cameras captured the Black Mamba snapping on his younger Lakers teammates in practice. Nick Young showed a little bit of fire, popping off back at Kobe, but apparently it wasn’t enough for his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea.

Temecula Twitter beef over Kobe leads to diss track [Video]


People take their sports very seriously. On Christmas night, two Twitter users, one with the handle, @MyTweetsRealAF, the other @SnottieDrippen, got into about Kobe Bryant. The Twitter back and forth led to Mr. Real AF proving he’s “about that life,” by driving 35 minutes to meet Snottie in Temecula, ca. to squab it out.

Steve Nash participates in Millions March LA


We’ve watched several athletes show support for the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown over the last few weeks. On Saturday, in LA the “Millions March LA” took place in support of those who innocently lost their lives at the ands of police. Among the protestors were injured Lakers point guard Steve Nash.

Kobe Bryant reminds Mavs’ fan how many rings he has [Video]


I know we have reached the down portion of Kobe Bryant’s career, but that guy is still “The GOAT” in a lot of people’s eyes. On Friday the Lakers continued their road trip, with Kobe once again sitting out. While on the bench, Kobe had to remind a Dallas Mavericks fan that he has, not […]