Kobe Bryant says Lakers have to make changes in front office

As expected, Kobe Bryant has officially been ruled out for the final stretch of the Lakers seasons. Bryant’s knee fracture still hasn’t healed, and with 18 games left in a losing season, there’s no point – even if he was physically able – to return to the court.

Jeanie Buss felt betrayed by her brother Jim’s hiring of Mike D’Antoni

Jeanie Buss is prepping for the updated release of her memoir, “Laker Girl.” The update includes the most recent Laker drama that came last November with the Lakers hiring current head coach Mike D’Antoni over Jeanie’s fiancé Phil Jackson. Jeanie reveals that she felt a sense of betrayal by the move. If you recall, Jeanie […]

Dwight Howard says he has no relationship with Jim Buss, he’s not a crybaby and he’s not ready to commit longterm to the Lakers [video]

Dwight Howard had a revealing interview with Stephen A. Smith. In it, Dwight said his health is at 75%, he’s still having shooting pains, he doesn’t have a close relationship with Jim Buss and that he’s not a cry baby. Check out a few of the excerpts.

Jim & Jeanie Buss haven’t spoken to each other since November

To say that a lot is going on with the Lakers franchise doesn’t even begin to do the situation justice. We’ve gone round and round analyzing coaching, players and injuries but what’s happening upstairs in the executive suite has the potential to change the way the Los Angeles Lakers have been thought of for decades.

Jeanie Buss asks Michelle Obama’s advice on love and supporting a man when people are against you

The Lakers passing on Phil Jackson and the accusations of betrayal by Jim Buss and company have got to cause a vexing situation with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this week. Phil’s long time girlfriend is Lakers EVP Jeanie Buss, Jim’s sister and Lakers owner Jim Buss’ daughter. Sensing perhaps the impending awkwardness around the […]

Magic Johnson doesn’t believe in Jim Buss [video]

Count Magic Johnson among the many disappointed Laker fans who aren’t satisfied with the hiring of Mike D’Antoni. Magic voiced his extremely displeasure at the way Jim Buss, son of Lakers owner and legend, Dr. Jerry Buss, is running the team. The NBA legend sated that he doesn’t have confidence in Jim Buss abilities.

Phil Jackson releases statement about Lakers head coach position

Phil Jackson was reportedly shocked when he received the call late Sunday night that the Lakers were moving forward with Mike D’Antoni as the head coach. Phil has released a statement in which he says the groundswell of support from the Laker fans is why he considered returning to the job and that actual terms […]

Lakers fire head coach Mike Brown

A day after Jim Buss and Kobe Bryant both came out in support of Lakers head coach Mike Brown. It’s been announced that Brown has been fired. The Lakers who went 0-8 in preseason and also lost in the second round of the playoff last year are currently in the midst of their worst start […]