Roc Nation Sports looking to add agents with existing client rosters


Roc Nation Sports is looking to bring on more agents or buy existing sports’ agencies. There is power in numbers. Roc Nation currently has 10 athletes, and is looking to expand the client roster in the three major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB), plus soccer and tennis also.

Jeanie Buss thinks anyone who is afraid of playing with Kobe is a loser [video]


Lakers president – and owner- Jeanie Buss is one of my favorites. The past two years have been trying for the Lakers organization and Jeanie has been at ground zero, even at times on the opposite side of her own family. Jeanie did the rounds on ESPN on Thursday, answering questions about the Lakers. Jeanie […]

Nick Young & Iggy Azalea featured in Forever 21 holiday campaign


Lakers star Nick Young and his boo, Iggy Azalea are now the new faces of Forever 21’s holiday campaign.

Skip Bayless says Kobe rape accusation gave him “edge” with consumers [video]


ESPN’s “First Take” has conversations about sports that people have when they’re with their friends. At times, some of the discussion can be uncomfortable, thought provoking, or just out right ridiculous. On Monday’s episode, a conversation took place regarding the recent endorsement deal between MeUndies and Cowboys rb Joseph Randle. The company gave Randle the […]

Chris Webber part of group trying to purchase Atlanta Hawks


The Atlanta Hawks have had a rough couple of years. Even though the team has had moderate success on the court, making it to the playoffs, the arena is usually pretty empty on game night. The Hawks most recent troubles stem from a racist tinged e-mail sent by owner  Bruce Levenson, and inappropriate comments from […]

49’ers QB Colin Kapernick finds loophole to rock “Beats by Dre” postgame [photo]


San Francisco 49’ers QB Colin Kapernick has been wearing “Beats by Dre” headphones in his postgame press conferences since he entered the league. This season, the NFL has signed an exclusive headphones deal with Bose which doesn’t allow for competing brands to be showcased at official NFL events and 90 minutes following the game.

NFL will no longer let players rock “Beats By Dre” headphones


The NFL has entered into an exclusive partnership with Bose headphones. The brand will now be known as the “official sound of the NFL.”

NBA has new TV deal with ESPN & Turner Sports worth $24 Billion


CASH OUT! The NBA is expected to announce its new TV deal with ESPN and Turner Sports that is worth $24 billion. That’s three times the current deal in place. The NBA will be receiving approximately $2.7 billion per season.

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