Anonymous law enforcement official confirms he sent Ray Rice video to NFL security chief


Tweet You already knew someone was going to have to take the fall for the NFL in the Ray Rice saga. Looks as if that person might be NFL security chief Jeffery Miller.

ESPN Suspendes Bill Simmons Over Comments Made About NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


Tweet ESPN has suspended NBA analyst and Grantland creator Bill Simmons over his opinionated remarks about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

NBA to examine it’s domestic violence policies following NFL-Ray Rice fallout


Tweet The NBA is taking a look at it’s current policies in the wake of the NFL’s Ray Rice scandal. The NBA currently has nothing specific in place for domestic violence. Instead their CBA calls for all violent felony convictions to receive an automatic 10-game suspension.

Ray Rice Appeal Says Elevator Video Was Edited


Tweet Estranged Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has appealed his indefinite suspension from the NFL. Rice’s attorneys angle will be based on the idea that TMZ’s tape was edited. And the NFL’s decision to suspended him after penalties had already been given was a violation of the CBA.

Did Baltimore Ravens Execs Attempt to Cover Up Ray Rice Incident?


Tweet The Baltimore Ravens organization is up next on the Summer Jam screen. ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” have uncovered information that says the Ravens knew what was on the tape the entire time, and allegedly conspired to cover things up.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Says “I Got It Wrong” [Video]


Tweet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media on Friday, following a week of silence as the NFL came under fire for how it’s been handling several high profile domestic violence incidents involving its players.

Why Were No Black Women Appointed To The NFL’s Special Counsel on Domestic Violence?


Tweet THE NFL has hired three qualified women, Lisa Friel, the former head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney’s Office; NO MORE co-founder Jane Randel; and Rita Smith, the former executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence., for a special counsel to help get a handle […]

Jerry Jones Sued By Former Stripper For Sexual Assault


Tweet Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a showman. Always known for behavior that’s a bit left of center, the latest allegations are connected to the photos released in August of Jerry and two strippers.

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