Doc Rivers Will Quit Clippers If Donald Sterling Remains Owner


Tweet Estranged Clippers owner Donald Sterling may have fallen to the back of your collective conscious, with so many other items fighting for your attention. But Sterling IS still the owner of the Clippers and is currently in litigation with his wife Shelly, over her ability to sell the team to Steve Ballmer for $2 […]

Carmelo Anthony Launches Tech Venture Capital Investment Firm


Tweet Now that Carmelo Anthony has gotten all that NBA free agency business out of the way, the All-Star is set to embark on another business venture. This time Anthony takes on the tech world.

The NBA Joins President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative


Tweet LA Clippers star and NBPA president Chris Paul was in Washington DC on Monday to introduce the “My Brother’s Keeper” program with President Obama. The program’s goal it to provide young men of color with mentors and support networks to help them get into college, reduce drop out rates and helping them avoid becoming […]

Lionel Hollins New Coach Of Brooklyn Nets


Tweet The Brooklyn Nets have a new head coach. In the wake of Jason Kidd’s swift departure to the Milwaukee Bucks, The Nets have quickly snatched up former Memphis Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins.

NBPA Advises Free Agents To Space Checks Out In Case Of Work Stoppage In 2017

NBA logo squarish

Tweet The NBA Players Association can opt of the current collective bargaining agreement after the 2016-2017 season. With the Clippers selling for $2 billion, the 15-win Milwaukee Bucks selling for $550 million, and TV rights deals continuing to bring in more $$ for team owners. The likelihood that the two sides will need to renegotiate […]

Jason Kidd Officially Announced As Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach


Tweet Jason Kidd’s first two years being a head coach in the NBA will be interesting to watch. Kidd went from playing with the Knicks to coaching the Brooklyn Nets last season, earning them the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference.

Donald Sterling Blasts Dr. Who Labeled Him Incompetent [Audio]


Tweet Can’t stop, won’t stop seems to be estranged Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling’s motto. Sterling is still trying to hold on to the Los Angeles Clippers and is now lashing out at the Dr. his wife, Shelly Sterling, hired to examine his mental capabilities.

4 Strategies Michael Jordan Used To Become A Billionaire


Tweet Recently it was announced that Michael Jordan has become the first billionaire athlete. Mike started his career in the mid-80′s and dominated the 90′s but, athletes weren’t making the type of money then that would come in later years. Hello, Shaq’s rookie NBA contract was a 7-year – $40 million deal in 1992. By […]

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