Miami Heat Felt Blindsided By NBA’s Cuba Developmental Camp


Earlier this week the NBA announced they would be the first American Pro sports league traveling to Cuba. But one NBA team isn’t expected to participate, the Miami Heat.

NBA Players Association Will Hold “Players Choice” Awards In July


The NBA Players’ Association has announced it will hold its own awards this July in Las Vegas.

NFL Hires 1st Woman Ref For Regular Season Games


For the first time in the history of the NFL, a woman will be working regular season games beginning this fall.

NCAA Tournament: Million-Dollar Bet On MSU Might come through For Vegas Casino Owner


Michigan State is in the Final Four where they will face off against Duke on Saturday. Not many people expected MSU to be in this position.

Atlanta Falcons Lose Draft Pick and Fined For Fake Crowd Noise


The NFL has released a statement regarding punishment to the Atlanta Falcons franchise for pumping artifical noise into their stadium during games.

Allen Iverson Wouldn’t Mind Joining The 76’ers Front Office


Allen Iverson is one of the greatest basketball players ever to play in the NBA. But AI’s last years in the L didn’t go too smoothly. Now that he’s been away from the game for a few years, the man who oncw said he’d never want to coach, might have other aspirations that would have […]

LeBron James Tops U.S. Signature Shoe with $340 Million In Sales


  Part of the holy grail for professional athletes in addition to a championship, is being awarded their own signature shoe. Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and more all have shoes out in the market. But whose shoe is making the most impact with consumers?

Mikhail Prokhorov Calls Off Deal With Bank To Sell The Brooklyn Nets


I’m guessing Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov was looking for a $2 Billion price tag to sell his team. The Russian billionaire has reportedly called off his agreement with an investment bank to sell the the team because he hasn’t received a big offer.