Kobe calls Dwight “Soft” after on court altercation [Video]


It’s not a secret that Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard aren’t besties. The two have completely different approaches to the game, and it just didn’t work out. The Lakers home opener took place Tuesday night against the Houston Rockets. Lakers’ fans are still a bit salty about Dwight’s departure – not me, if you don’t […]

Tickets to Cleveland Cavs home opener going for $800


Want to score a ticket to see LeBron James’ first game back with the Cleveland Cavaliers? I hope you’re ready to drop major coins. Tickets to the Cavs home opener have jumped 1000% this year and are starting at $800 a pop.

Lakers rookie Julius Randle breaks leg in NBA debut [video]


The Lakers kicked off their 2014-2015 NBA season on Tuesday night. We already anticipated that it would be a long season with Nick Young and Steve Nash out due to injury, and Kobe returning from his injuries. It would take time for the Lakers to become cohesive on the court.

What you need to pay attention heading into the 2014-2015 NBA season


The 2014-2015 NBA season officially kicks off today! Let’s take a look at my top story lines going into the season.

Nas performs at Knicks Scrimmage [video]


The NBA season officially kicks off tomorrow, October 28th. The New York Knicks held a concert before their recent scrimmage that featured Queens own Nasir Jones also known as NAS. Swizz Beats was also in the building. Check out footage of him performing “Hate me now”

Episode 1 of CP3 and Blake Griffin’s BGCP3TV [video]


Clippers stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul have a new show featured on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim.” The sketch show was created by “Chapelle’s Show” co-creator Neal Brennan and Jordan Brand called “BGCP3TV.”

Steve Nash to miss entire 2014-2015 NBA season


Looks as if the Steve Nash era in LA will come to an end without ever getting started. The Lakers announced Thursday that Nash will miss the entire 2014-2015 season due to a back injury.

Throwback Thursday: Willis Reed fights entire Lakers bench in 1966 [Video]


It’s Throwback Thursday. In honor of that, here’s footage from a 1966 NBA game between the Knicks and the Lakers. In this game, Willis Reed took on the entire Lakers bench.

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