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April Fool’s Day With Tom Brady and Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is having a good time on vacation, and using Facebook. So far we’ve seen video of him getting crossed up by Michael Jordan in a pick up game in the Bahamas. He also jumped off a cliff while his wife and kids looked on.

New “Straight Outta Compton” Trailer Drops [Video]


A new trailer dropped for Straight Outta Compton, the film based on the world’s most dangerous rap group NWA. The new trailer highlights some of the groups beefs with law enforcement, and the FBI.

NCAA Tournament: Million-Dollar Bet On MSU Might come through For Vegas Casino Owner


Michigan State is in the Final Four where they will face off against Duke on Saturday. Not many people expected MSU to be in this position.

Steph Curry Puts CP3 On Skates [Video]


It’s April Fool’s day but this is no joke. Stephen Curry crossed up Chris Paul on Tuesday night during Warriors vs. Clippers.

Did The Game Sucker Punch A Guy During A Basketball Game? [Video]


Rapper The Game has been causing havoc in pick-up games around LA for years. Game recently announced he was no longer participating in popular LA summer league, The Drew League, because of some beef with Nike. Instead, Game told fans he’d be playing in the JBL league which takes place at Hollywood High.

Atlanta Falcons Lose Draft Pick and Fined For Fake Crowd Noise


The NFL has released a statement regarding punishment to the Atlanta Falcons franchise for pumping artifical noise into their stadium during games.

Gilbert Arenas Gave Laura Govan A Fake Engagement Ring In Case Things Didn’t Work


Gilbert Arenas and his estranged fiancée/baby mama Laura Govan are currently embroiled in yet another nasty break up.

Rihanna Channels Vintage Lil Kim In Performance of “B*tch Better Have My Money” [Video]


  Rihanna served up vintage Lil Kim realness Sunday night night during her performance at the “IHeartRadio” awards. Ri just dropped her new single “Bitch Better Have My Money” on Friday. She opened her performance of the single by stepping out of a helicopter wearing a money green fur and glasses.