Hawks Anthony Morrow has naked ‘Got em” photo leaked [photos]

I have a cautionary tale for jocks today. Now we all know that you have to be careful about sending inappropriate texts and photos. If someone gets upset at you, who knows what they might do with them. But how cautious are you about who you invite into your home or hotel room? We’ve seen athletes get caught up that way too.

What may start out as snapping a tender moment of intimacy, could end up blasted across the internet. Today’s example, Hawks Anthony Morrow. Anthony recently posted a photo of himself and what looks to be a new baby on Instagram in bed sleeping with the caption, “caught slipping.

Awwww sweet right. Unless of course Anthony forgot to let one of his jumpoffs know he had a new baby. I don’t know for sure if that’s what’s happening here but, isn’t it ironic that the day after Anthony posted that on Instagram, a photo of him naked and sleeping was leaked to a blog?


ummmm “Got em”… You gotta be more careful guys!


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