Were Nude Photos Of Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins Leaked?

Skylar Diggins has had a taste of fame thrust on her at warp speed. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks since her Notre Dame Fighting Irish participated in the NCAA championship game and someone is already trying to pull skeletons out of her closet.

A  nude photo is being distributed via twitter from the screename a @iRoastNi**as alleging that Skylar is the female in the photo. No reason as to why this “screen name” is sending the picture out other than the obvious.

Skylar confirmed with a few tweets that the photo is not her. Like I said, this wouldn’t be something that would break her but, it is refreshing to see someone seeing the full scope of things.

Good luck Skylar, this can’t be easy. All the girl wants to do is play basketball. Celebrity can be tough.



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  • Rory

    The next cover girl you go skylar you are very happy stay that way