Unique Ways, To Show Your Support For Your Team

Whatever your sport, whoever your team, you likely feel some loyalty as they compete. But what about those passionate and obsessive fans and their support?

If you are a fan of a team you likely show up every now and then to watch them play and maybe own a shirt. Some go to every game, home or away, and buy the kit year on year. Then, some fans go crazy and go to the extreme to demonstrate a diehard devotion to the franchise. Here we explore the unique ways you could commit to in order to show your support for your team.

Know the history

If you want to show that you are more than a fly by night supporter, you need to know the history of the franchise. If you want to be completely fanatical, then you should be able to recite the entire roster right back through time. You should be able to say which team member scored the most points in some obscure game in a random year.

While this level of fanatical knowledge might not be necessary for a true supporter, you do need to have a handle on some of the history of your side.

No matter the weather

If you are a true fan you are in no way a fair-weather supporter. Whether the temperatures drop below zero and snow blows in, there you will be cheering away. There are even some who are willing to go shirtless to demonstrate devotion, which for many is an understandable step too far.

A sensible supporter will turn out in inclement weather and not mind some wind and rain. If you want to be more diehard there is nothing mother nature should be able to throw at you to keep you from the sidelines.

Fantasy team is your team

We all love those fantasy team competitions, whatever the sport. Usually, to have a chance of coming top of the league, you would stretch your picks across the league. However, if you are a devotee, you will feel ashamed of yourself to include any but the players in your team. It makes sense, your passion tells you that the best fantasy team is no fantasy at all – it exists in your team colors. Evidence from results might not bear you out in your belief, but love for a sports team cannot be swayed by inconvenient facts.

You are willing to camp out overnight

The tickets for that key match are to be released at 7 am on a cold winter morning. You would love to take your seat to watch the game and the only way to guarantee this is to be at the front of the queue. It is time to get your tent out and park yourself in line from the night before.

If you think this is madness, especially if there is snow on the ground, we better not speak of those fans who started queueing two months before to get a season ticket for their team – is this a step too far.

Social media follower

OK, it is not too fanatical to click follow on social media. Even ranking that team at the top of your preferences, so they appear first on your page seems small fry really. However, if you are a true fan you are more than likely constantly on hand to make comments on posts and to share these with all your friends. Your Twitter feed will be littered with hashtags directed at your team. You will be ever hopeful that at some point a player or the team itself will reply to your commentary – and then your life will be complete.

Season tickets till you die

 Sure, your team might not be in the best form and for the past couple of seasons, it has been miserable turning up each game. However, the purchase of your season ticket is never in question. Come success or failure, you will stand by your team and invest your money in their possible success. You are not a proper fan if it is only a devotion shown in the good times.


You rush onto the area of play

 Your team has just won and you are overcome with emotion. Without fear, you rush onto the field or court to celebrate alongside your players. Sure there will be consequences, you will likely be escorted out at the least, but with tears running down your face you will have brushed close to your victorious stars. While it is not a smart move to rush the playing area, as you will get arrested, sometimes the emotion might get the better of you.


You get that tattoo

You are so sure of your devotion to your team that you are happy to get a permanent brand on your body. A tattoo of the badge is a must for the true fanatic – but the extreme fans will have the image of a star player’s face or a celebration of the most successful years. While you might regret it in the future and tattoos really hurt – some would say that this is the way to show your heartfelt devotion. Rather them than us.

You would never leave early

Ever sat and watched the worst performance of your team in living history on the small screen and shook your head as supporters leave well before the end. If you were in that arena you wouldn’t be seen dead abandoning your team before the final whistle or klaxon. Sure, you could miss the traffic if you skipped out 10 minutes early – but that’s not support, right?


You dress head to toe in the team colors


Not only do you have the shirt, but the shorts, the socks, the scarf, the hat, the outdoor coat, and the tracksuit – as well as the overpriced boots endorsed by the star player. Anything less than a full wardrobe devoted to your team and you are not a true fan… well, maybe.