James Harden Officially On Board With Adidas For $200 Million

You can now add $200 million dollar man to James Harden’s list of accolades. Harden will officially be making the switch from the swoosh to three stripes.

Nike Will Replace Adidas As The NBA’s Official Apparel Sponsor

Back in 2003 I started working for Nike. One of the biggest fashion statements of the moment was throwback jerseys. Nike’s swingman jerseys were some of the bests, and even created the fad of making high school throwbacks for certain players.

LeBron James Tops U.S. Signature Shoe with $340 Million In Sales

  Part of the holy grail for professional athletes in addition to a championship, is being awarded their own signature shoe. Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and more all have shoes out in the market. But whose shoe is making the most impact with consumers?

Serena Williams Returns to Indian Wells After 14 Years

After 14 years, Serena Williams has returned to the Indian Wells tennis tournament. Serena won the title there in 2001. But during her final match against Kim Clijsters, Serena was rained on with boos from the crowd. That’s part of competition, but not typically in tennis.

Photographer suing Nike over Jordan jumpman logo

The Jordan brand  jumpman logo is one of the most iconic pieces in sports marketing history. Now the photographer who shot the photo that became the inspiration for it is suing Nike, claiming they didn’t have the rights to use it.

Nike wants NFL athletes to stop customizing cleats or lose endorsement deal

The whole reason a company like Nike signs players up to endorsement deals is to get more exposure for their product. Then, consumers will go purchase them, up goes their profits. This season we’ve seen an uptick in customized cleats on the NFL gridiron. While we as fans love seeing what the players will rock […]

Skip Bayless says Kobe rape accusation gave him “edge” with consumers [video]

ESPN’s “First Take” has conversations about sports that people have when they’re with their friends. At times, some of the discussion can be uncomfortable, thought provoking, or just out right ridiculous. On Monday’s episode, a conversation took place regarding the recent endorsement deal between MeUndies and Cowboys rb Joseph Randle. The company gave Randle the […]

Kevin Durant Staying With Nike

Looks as if Under Armour will have to find another NBA player to be the face of the brand. Nike has countered the offer presented by UA, and KD will stay with the brand.