Kobe Bryant talks about Ferguson


The events taking place in Ferguson have sparked outrage across the country. Black lives matter, and people are taking to the streets to protest the deadly bias in treatment of blacks by law enforcement.

Kobe tells teammates to “get the f**k out the way” [Video]


We know this Lakers season is going to be extremely painful. We also know that Kobe is always going to give 100% and go for his. During a Lakers loss Sunday night to the Denver Nuggets,  it looks like Yolo Kobe made an appearance.

Kobe Bryant scored 44 in Lakers loss to Golden State Warriors [Video]


  Let me give you the latest Kobe watch update. Cause clearly nobody is watching the Lakers’ games to actually WATCH the Lakers. ::sad face::

Kobe Bryant sets NBA record for most missed field goals in NBA history


Stats have become a sixth man of sorts in sports. There is a stat for EVERYTHING. Even things that really don’t matter. We know Lakers star Kobe Bryant is a first ballot Hall of famer. That means that’s he’s set a record or three. His most latest accomplishment is one that will make Mamba haters […]

Lakers 0-4 while Steve Nash uses golf to rehab his back [video]


The Lakers season isn’t even a week old and they are already 0-4. Injuries have ravaged the franchise for the third straight season. Although Kobe is BACK, he can’t do it alone. Suffice it to say, this is going to be a long 78 games.

Kobe calls Dwight “Soft” after on court altercation [Video]


It’s not a secret that Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard aren’t besties. The two have completely different approaches to the game, and it just didn’t work out. The Lakers home opener took place Tuesday night against the Houston Rockets. Lakers’ fans are still a bit salty about Dwight’s departure – not me, if you don’t […]

Jeanie Buss thinks anyone who is afraid of playing with Kobe is a loser [video]


Lakers president – and owner- Jeanie Buss is one of my favorites. The past two years have been trying for the Lakers organization and Jeanie has been at ground zero, even at times on the opposite side of her own family. Jeanie did the rounds on ESPN on Thursday, answering questions about the Lakers. Jeanie […]

Kobe Bryant responds to reports he’s the reason for the Lakers downfall [Video]


This week’s theme seems to be “take a shot at Kobe Bryant.” Kobe was recently ranked 40th by ESPN among all NBA players, and in a separate piece was blamed as the single reason the Lakers franchise is in a current free fall. We know Kobe has never been afraid to clap back, but this […]

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