Kobe & Vanessa Celebrate 13 years, Adrienne Bosh celebrates 29 & Pro Athlete Wives For Charity [Photos]


Tweet Let’s catch up with a few of your favorite NBA wives  – we won’t call them “Basketball Wives” cause that’s just the title of a reality show, right? This week Kobe and Vanessa Bryant celebrated 13 years of marriage, Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne was also in Paris, celebrating her 29th birthday with friends courtesy […]

1-On-1 Interview: Kobe Bryant’s Cousin Gail Williams Writes Book Loosely Based On His Life


Tweet I’m a book lover, so I’m always looking for new books to read. I recently came across a book entitled, “Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen” by Gail Williams. Williams is the older cousin of Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. The book is loosely based by Kobe’s life. I recently had a chance to chat […]

Kobe Bryant On Trayvon Martin: ” I won’t react just because I’m African-American”


Tweet There aren’t a lot of critiques made about Michael Jordan. But if there was one area that I recall people having an issue with Jordan, it dealt with his policy of never commenting on political or race matters. Many felt that Jordan’s influence was needed in those areas. It’s not that Jordan didn’t have […]

Kobe Bryant Purchases Stake In “BODYARMOR” Sports Drink


Tweet Kobe Bryant’s NBA career is winding down, but he’s already started planning the next phase of his career. “Business man” Kobe is coming. On Sunday, Kobe announced his new company, “Kobe Inc.” and will start by investing in existing companies to start his business portfolio.

Kobe Bryant says Lakers have to make changes in front office

Kobe Bryant

Tweet As expected, Kobe Bryant has officially been ruled out for the final stretch of the Lakers seasons. Bryant’s knee fracture still hasn’t healed, and with 18 games left in a losing season, there’s no point – even if he was physically able – to return to the court.

Valentine’s Day: Kobe post Vanessa’s goods, LeBron & Savannah plus more [photos]


Tweet Valentine’s Day was Friday. Kobe Bryant decided to express his love for wife Vanessa by posting a photo of her in a revealing bathing suit? S &M look? I’m not sure what to call the ensemble. But she looks hot.

The Assist: Kobe Bryant & Richard Sherman flick up on set [photos]


Tweet Kobe Bryant is still the man in these streets. The Lakers star recently flicked up with two stars. Dwyane Wade posted this photo with Bryant, himself, his mom, his two sons and nephew with the caption, “I know what it’s like to ask stars for photos.”

Rapper Game has “Lakers Greats” mural created for his home [photos]


Tweet Rapper The Game is an avid Lakers fan. He recently purchased a new home and commissioned artist Gena Milanesi to create a mural with all the Lakers greats featured for his Game Room. Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal.

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