Carmelo Anthony Launches Tech Venture Capital Investment Firm


Tweet Now that Carmelo Anthony has gotten all that NBA free agency business out of the way, the All-Star is set to embark on another business venture. This time Anthony takes on the tech world.

Carmelo Anthony Announces Return To Knicks


Tweet Carmelo Anthony makes it official, he’s returning to the New York Knicks. An announcement was placed on his website,

NBA Free Agency: The Latest Update On Lebron, Carmelo & Chris Bosh


Tweet Maybe Today is the day that the dominoes really start to fall in NBA free agency. LeBron James is scheduled to meet with Miami Heat President Pat Riley. Perhaps will get some answers as Bron has to be in Vegas this week for his camp, and then in Brazil at the end of the […]

How Much “Recruiting” Did Derrick Rose Actually Do With Carmelo?


Tweet Being perfectly honest, I don’t think Derrick Rose is really interested in Carmelo Anthony coming to the Chicago Bulls. But that’s not something he’d publicly admit to. During Melo’s trip to Chicago on Wednesday, it was reported that DRose had changed his stance on not recruiting the Knicks forward, by working out for Melo […]

Kobe Bryant Returns From Greece For Lakers Meeting With Carmelo


Tweet Carmelo Anthony is on the last day of his free agency courting spree. Today- July 3rd – in Los Angeles, Melo will meet with the Lakers Thursday morning, and the Knicks later in the afternoon.

Slim Thug Lists The Benefits Of Houston For Carmelo & Lala


Tweet Last summer, Slim Thug did an excellent job listing the “lifestyle benefits” to Dwight Howard when the Rockets were on the short list of teams Howard was interested in signing to.  In the 2014 off-season, he’s back at for Carmelo Anthony.

Chicago Bulls Take Carmelo Anthony On A Date


Tweet NBA free agent Carmelo Anthony spent the afternoon being courted by the Chicago Bulls. This is Melo’s first time in free agency, so all of the wining and dining is new to him.  The Bulls basically took him on a date. Showed him the United Center, the practice facility. Then gave him a peek […]

NBA Free Agency: LeBron, Carmelo, Bulls, Lakers & Heat Rumors


Tweet We’re just a few hours away from NBA free agency officially kicking off on July 1st. With the “Big 3″ opting out in Miami, the Heat actually have the most cap space heading into the open market. Of course there plans are to re-sign James, Bosh and DWade, but at a different structure than […]

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