Jeanie Buss asks Michelle Obama’s advice on love and supporting a man when people are against you

The Lakers passing on Phil Jackson and the accusations of betrayal by Jim Buss and company have got to cause a vexing situation with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this week. Phil’s long time girlfriend is Lakers EVP Jeanie Buss, Jim’s sister and Lakers owner Jim Buss’ daughter.

Sensing perhaps the impending awkwardness around the turkey headed their way, Jeanie Buss decided to seek out advice on how you love and support your man in the face of opposition from the President’s First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Stand strong Jeanie. Everyone knows you should be heading the franchise in your father’s place. It might be time to branch out of the safety of the family’s nest in order to get the respect you deserve. I hope Michelle will at least send you a DM with an answer. Good luck!

  • Mai

    Ms. Buss, need to ask “me” about my “husband” (PHILLIP) Not The FLOTUS!!!!

  • Mai

    Ms, Jill, If u run into “Ms. Jackson”, tell her the reason she’s not running the Lakers is because of her “Twitter Pic” And she sent that to “The First Lady!? ” I tell people if you want to be taken S-E-R-I-O-U-S, Please wipe off that “Clown Make Up! M.A.C and ME don’t that kind of make up, “but check the chick at the next counter she maybe able to help you” That’s all.

  • StilettoJill

    HILARIOUS! So what type of advice would you give her?

  • JamesT32

    Certainly hope that question was largely facetious as I see no reason why a 51-year-old woman (or man) should need relationship advice from ANYONE after decades of experience, including the First Lady. Gorgeous and intelligent woman who I have nothing personal against, but “everyone knows you should be heading the franchise in your father’s place?” Not necessarily as there’s much more to the overall scope of running an NBA franchise and being THE person in charge than her cutesy ties to the Zen Master, but hey, getting carried away and stretching a point too far is a common mistake.

  • seriously? A beautiful rich white woman needs advice from a black woman? For what????? Obama married her strictly for political ambitions, not her looks or smarts. It hasn’t worked so far!!

  • StilettoJill

    Really? You sound NUTS right now.

  • StilettoJill

    A. I think she was being funny however, she has a point and shared experiences can encourage others. B. There is much more to running a franchise and considering Jeanie has been involved on the executive end for the majority of her adult life AND involved in franchise operations, why is it that Jim is more qualified?

  • ohplease

    huh? What?

  • Mai

    Send Ole Phillip To Me, Hell! Ms. Jill u know Phillip likey the chocolate. Honey Hush!!! I’m a Fool LOL!!!

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