Sacramento Kings Draft Pick Jimmer Fredette Announces Engagement On Twitter [Photo]

Sacramento Kings draft pick Jimmer Fredette announced on Twitter that he proposed to girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott (A BYU cheerleader) and she said yes! How cute is that!

  • Who cares about that scrub!

  • Stan

    Hmmm…Jimmer’s unemployed, she’s a cheerleader, what will they do to put bread on the table?

  • radiostorm

    You posted a comment, so you must’ve cared. Scrub.

  • c

    Damn. she’s fine. looks like she’s 17 though.
    not that that issue has ever been a problem for a mormon…

  • Bball33

    Jimmer gets engaged to a cute young lady while you sit around calling people names? Hmm who really is the scrub?

  • rondo’s daddy

    now Rondo i have told you repeatedly about being jealous of others good fortune and good looking girlfriend.
    i bought you that inflatable doll you just ‘had to have’ and i hear you having fun with it at all hours of the day and nite.
    Now son, start to act like at least a teenager and quit being so small minded and jealous !!!

  • Judith A. Ruggles

    I’m sorry, unemployed? He is with the Kings. According to the Maloofs, he is quite employed, with a salary. So, STAN, he is so employed. Of course, next year, who knows, but right now: EMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Abbazzaba

    As long as they did not have premarital sex it’s okay. Paraphrasing our great ex-president, “It depends on what your definition of premarital sex is…”

  • Come On Son

    who is this guy? and who cares! Let’s talk about getting Howard to the Lakers.

  • Edoggy

    Suckaaaaa! I will never understand pro athletes that get married so young! Kobe marries at like 20 then gets caught up in some sexual scandal. Here’s an idea-if ur rich and young enjoy it!! Dont get married till u retire

  • rondo

    I guess I’d care if he had made it to my suck ass team. Instead I’ll be a Jimmer hater. I’m jealous of what I can’t have. I’m sorry for being such a moron.

  • MJ

    dude hes beats better than u anyway

  • rope vernon

    i personally think that utah is gay. they are all prideful people!