Pilar Sanders says Deion just became an active father in March 2012 but only with their 2 sons

Basketball Wives LA cast member Tanya Williams is very involved in giving women a voice who are victims of domestic violence. At one point, a victim herself, Williams is a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence hotline.

She recently spoke with Pilar Sanders to bring clarity to Sanders ongoing court battles with Deion- The court ordered child support of $10,500 and the $3500 mortgage on a home Pilar owns, are temporary arrangement that will be further addressed in their next court appearance. His relationship with his children- in Pilar’s divorce filings, she claims Deion has been an absentee father with very little interaction with his children prior to March 2012 and how Deion’s status is weighing on the situation.

Check out a few excerpts.

Q: You’ve stated that Deion has abused you in the past. In what ways?

A: Many ways. Financially it started before Christmas and continues until today. He just stopped providing for the family. He cut credit cards. He cut financial support … No resources at all, whatsoever. Even when we’re still in the house, my daughter would beg for clothes, he wouldn’t buy her any clothes. It would come to a point where she would say, dad will you get me a sandwich from Subway and he would be like, no – that’s a five dollar sandwich. He would tell her go ask your mommy. What he would try to do was use every piece of leverage he could ever get a hold of and try to use against me and try to turn the children against me. So what he was telling the kids was that basically, if you stay with me I can provide for you, your mother doesn’t have money, you’re not going to be able to get clothes, you wont be able to get food, who knows what type of place you will be at, but here, you will have everything you need and want.

Q: The court gave you temporary custody of your daughter and gave him your sons. What’s the “father-daughter” relationship like?

A: There is no interaction with my daughter … She wanted to start dancing again. So I said “okay we will start dancing.” She asked her dad if he would pay for dance lessons or ballet shoes or tap shoes or anything at all and he refused. He would say no ask your mother. Knowing very well that he set up our family so that he would be the sole provider and that’s what he wanted. He got much pleasure out of seeing disappointment in my children’s eyes when they would ask how is mommy supposed to get this and that and you are not giving her any money.


Sad that he treats his daughter in this manner. This was a three-part interview between Williams and Pilar. You can check out her site to read the rest of part one, HERE.

  • Digal704

    If true, it’s sad. I still think the case should have a gag order. I don’t think this should be played out in the media, at all.

  • This story sounds  alittle trumped up. normally children do not have discussions with their parents regarding finances, also any woman that is willing  to give up her ability to make money for  themselves is a sorry excuse for a woman, what are you teaching your children? I’m thinking that Pilar got a little lazy about supporting herself, what happen to your modeling career? Ladies that marry these athelets get comfortable with living large off of their money, and forget to plan for rainey days, and end up broke and a joke., now your begging this man for money and the ability to live the lifestyle that you got use to.

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  • mikki

    Not true.  When you have a control freak as a husband they talk you into being the perfect housewife. Oh I want my wife to take care of home.  He is a firm believer that a woman should be home not work and she fell victim. I like my own money but I’ve seen this too many time mostly with very very wealthy control freak men.  Everybody is not as strong and when she did try to get a career he got rid of her cus he would no longer have that control. So sad.