Meredith Barber lied about receiving shirtless selfie from RG3 on his wedding day


Back in the day, a side chick knew her place. She concerned herself only with her A and B situation with her unavailable man, not seeking attention from strangers by leaking texts, photos and proof of their dalliances. But that’s not how it goes down in 2013. Internet fame is a drug and now we can add one more name to the ever growing list of alleged side chicks who blast on the net.

Meredith Barber is a woman who claims to have some sort of relationship with newly married Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. Busted Coverage received an alleged text message from RG3 to Meredith said to have been sent on his wedding day featuring the QB sending a shirtless “selfie”



Well, Meredith then allegedly wanted to sell a few nude flicks to the site. BC offered her $500 but she wanted more. They left it alone. Now it appears one of RG3’s groomsmen has gotten into the mix playing the Professional Friend “fixer.” His job is to scrub this situation clean and figure out how to get the girl to stand down.




Just another day in the life of a professional athlete. She has cute dimples and great abs though. I see why RG3 probably at least wanted to keep the option handy.

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