LeBron James busted getting phone numbers at the White House


So this could be nothing and totally innocent, but it sounds a tad shady. an NBC producer dropped some info on Instagram that during the Miami Heat’s White House visit this week, LeBron James was spotted getting a girls number. LeBron’s wife Savannah didn’t make the trip.


I’m going to assume he wasn’t exchanging info for lascivious reasons. After all, he wouldn’t have been so open with it with all those cameras around. He would’ve sent someone else to do it.



Spotted at BSO

  • LB

    Damn…can’t a baller get a honey’s number without everybody sweating him…lol

  • Netking

    Way to try to ruin a relationship. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Some people just hate to see others at peace.

  • Hate Nasty People

    it was really mean spirited to post that without having any facts…jealous ugly lady

  • S Jo

    Total lies! Lebron has too much class to try to pick up women @ the white
    house! It doesn’t even sound believable!
    & even if he got someone’s #, it would
    be business related!
    Stop making up dumb stories people!

  • aivoo6chei

    More the fool are you.