Arian Foster’s alleged baby’s mama Brittany Norwood once claimed to be a “gold digger” [photo]


More information is coming about Brittany Norwood, the 20-year-old college student that is allegedly pregnant with Arian Fosters’s child. Brittany has reportedly dated athletes before – I know, you’re so shocked by that bit of information – or had some sort of friendly relationship with ex-Houston Rocket-current Minnesota Timberwolf Chase Budinger, and even dressed up as a Gold Digger for Halloween 2012.


Wait, she actually claimed the gold digger title in her caption “Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger…  no wait yes she is.”

Maybe she gets it from her mama. The two were attempting to be cast on a reality show about hot blonde mother-daughter duos.


Brittany said she’d never exploit the drama surrounding her child on a reality show but didn’t rule out the possibility of reality TV in the future.

via TMZ

  • Bnuttin

    Wow!! Brittany Norwood is just like her mother Dana Johnson, Dana Norwood, Dana Elliot, or whatever her name is now!! Her mother tried to try out for a reality show years ago and didn’t make it. Brittany learned how to trap men from her mother just ask Tom Elliot who lives in mauriceville texas and owns a tire shop there. He can tell you she is the lowest of low she left her daughters all the time and had other people raising them. She kept the money and got Botox, lip injections, and boobs and whatever else. Brittany growing up just like her. She will pocket the money and not give a damn about the baby as it grows up. I hope Arian tries to get joint custody so he can have the baby live with him when it gets older like Tom Elliot did. Brittany did this intensional! I feel sorry for this kid it won’t have a mother nor a father just like Brittany!!

  • samnbryan

    So what if she is a gold digger. Did he actually think someone that good looking was really interested in him as a person??? He’s a bigger idiot than I thought. He is getting what he deserves. It just sucks for his family that he is so stupid.

  • Pat McGroin

    Another pro athlete with the IQ of a brick throws away his marriage, reputation and bank account for a piece of patch.

    Hey, Arian, while you’re rehabbing that bad back, watching the Astros lose another 100 games this summer, think about who’s boffing your ex-wife in the back seat of your luxury sports car.

  • Honeyboo

    well we know a gold digger when we see one RIGHT!!!

  • CDR

    Oh buddy, the mama drama never gets old. As long as these professional athletes are getting money, stories like this will always happen.


  • LB


  • TexasTrill

    He’s a dumb ass for cheating on his beautiful wife. She gets considered as good looking because of the types of pictures she puts out there, but can you say “home-wrecked”??