JR Smith’s Sister Stephanie Chokes A Woman In The Stands During A Game In China [Photos]


Details are still sketchy, but it appears that Stephanie Smith, the sister of former Nugget, JR Smith allegedly choked a woman and shoved an 80-year old man during Smith’s game. Jr’s team, the Zhejiang Golden Bulls,were playing against the Bayi Rockets. JR was fouled but didn’t get the call, his sister became upset and threw a bottle on the court.

From there, things are unclear but photos show his sister in some sort of altercation with a woman in the stands. Keep in mind, the team that was playing is the same team that had a brawl last summer with the Georgetown basketball team. (That could just be an interesting coincidence or a factor)

A few upset Bayi fans also interfered with Smith’s team ability to depart following the incident, demanding an apology from the Smith family. Stephanie tweeted shortly after.

How bout these Chinese ppl gone learn 2day bout f****n with us!!!


WHOA, I guess she felt she had to defend herself.

Curtsy to BSO

  • breze

    She may be the most intelligent lady ever.

  • Joe BLow

    Just another n**ger – what do you expect ?

  • Mike


  • wooowww, are you serious.

  • TommyG

    Somehow pointing out that black people are violent animals is now verboten. How many chimpout videos does it take for people to understand?

  • Dave

    Another UGLY UGLY AFRO-American. This is just more proof that you can take the thugette out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the thugette.

  • Adam

    @ joeblow your an idiot, racist piece of low life meat …. look up the definition please.

  • Dave

    She should be arrested for assault and thrown in jail. Then she can tweet about what the Chines ppl have really learned.

  • eric

    “sigh”. i do understand that she was being ignorant, but sooner or later we can stop attacking color+ignorance=N***er’s all races do stupid stuff, i dont see every catholic getting attacked when i hear about a child molester.

  • Thank you! One persons actions do not speak for everyone.

  • Jim

    Ok there are some good comments and some bad comments but I don’t really like the direction this is going. I’m afraid people are going to start focusing on racism and not the initial story, which is a bit cliche’. How come no one has commented on the fact JR Smith is a guest of the Chinese and should be grateful for the chance to play basketball in their country which I am sure he is. What is sad to me is that his sister Stephanie who is then a guest of JR, and whether she likes it or not, a representative of the U.S., has the gall to behave in such a manner. By acting like that she not only mars her brother’s reputation, but our country’s. The Chinese culture is exceptionally deep when it comes to respect and the way a man or woman should uphold themselves when in public. Is it so hard to adhere to some level of etiquette that will help prevent resorting to barbaric behavior? Definitely not a lady.

  • Jim

    Oh and not to mention, she doesn’t even have the grit to apologize for her behavior. Instead she takes a weaker route by tweeting and talking smack to the “Chinese”. wow. How is that for racism. Disgusting.

  • Concerned

    Race had nothing to do w/ the attack; ignorance did. Her attack on others; both verbal and physical is what is embarassing. Unfortunately her brother will probably get the brunt of the recourse her actions caused. She will be lucky her own brother won’t disown her. Sad Sad lady……An angry lady….she might need some help w/ that.

  • Tommy the Godless, Joe Blow ur boyfriend and Dave the Dumb Ass, Really? Tell us intelligent ppl why (since this is about color)White men think its ok to F*%ck little boys????????? PLease ignorant dumb asses flatter us with ur lack of intelligence…..WAIT NEVER MIND!!!

  • you racist white motherfuckers need to grab a beer head back to your trailer parks and continue having sex with your family members. this was the same team that jumped the georgetown team obviously there is a problem with this team and there fans regarding black folks. As soon as a black person is involved the ignorant racist white slime want to start with the nigger comments. Crawl back into your toilets and wallow around in the shit where you belong

  • Apollo

    Another good impression mad by a african-american.Now the chinese will want Jr to go back where he came from and sadly we will be stuck with one more….

  • ted

    Okay, I have been to some England v. France and England v. Germany soccer matches and the fans are 90 to 98% white. I have seen some violent fights break out between fans at these events. So, I guess according to some of the racist logic on this site, those white folks fighting were just a bunch of ignorant, stupid crackers?

  • sketch

    Friggin GHETTO! So, Friggin ridiculous! Why doesn’t she take that energy to a Tae Bo Class? It’s obvious that she can use it… FAT and GHETTO, what a great combo!

  • Wow… Jim, I totally agree with you. Why is it that everything has to be about racism. First of all, every race has had their fair share of people that have done terrible things… So it has nothing to do with race. The worst serial killers in U.S. History were mostly white (Marilyn Manson, John Gacy etc.) There existed horrible slave owners that would do terrible, terrible things to their slaves also white. Does this mean that white people are evil? NO, it means that there are sick people out there and evil can lie in any race. The problem here is ignorence….. The typical angry and ignorent behavior we all see day to day, from road rage to altercations at a childs basketball game. She was definitely wrong for representing the U.S. in such a violent way. Especially the racist comment afterwards. This is proof that racism is not just something white people do, we are all guilty of it. Until people learn to respect each other and the fact that each and every one of our lives are EQUAL in GODS eyes, nothing will ever change. Peace, Love, Harmony…….. Siris

  • Ooops…. I meant Charles Manson…..

  • That’s the way sister – no class, bottle-throwing, non-apologizing, Chinese-choking crazy woman. Just the ambassador former NBA players need to pave the way for more opportunities to play in China… Unbelievable yet very believable.

  • goldfish

    ted you are correct. anytime a person (black, white, yellow or hell purple for that matter)resorts to this type of behavior, well they ARE ignorant, and stupid. And to be pitied as well as prayed for.

  • H-Rap Mike

    Now that was a Choke;

    Look at the position of the hands, Front and Back; Looks like she worked with the LAPD.

    I give her a Ten (10) from the german judge

    I am just saying god job

  • Jason

    Most of the post here seem to be made by people who like the subject of the article do not know how to behave in public. Maybe you loosers should remeber the addage it is better to remain silent and thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt.

  • Juan

    @ Dave: You are an ignorant Coward. I fully expect you to lash out at my name as well, just to stay on par with the third reich. I mean, you can’t let THEM down!


    JR Smith’s sister is just an hot headed idiot, thats it. And white people can have hot headed idiots also, they are called White Trash.

    Shut your punk ass mouth Dave.

  • Doug Collins

    Those who tend to make excuses for the fact that this “thugette” is black need to look at the facts. Black people do this kind of stuff hundreds of times more than whites although whites outnumber them substanitally in the population.

    You can give black guy millions of dollars because they are talented at playing ball but that doesn’t make them intellectually or socially more mature.

    I’m thinking of Plaxico Burress, that gorilla from the Lions Suh, even that sweet boy who played quarterback for Auburn last year (Cam Newton) who had to leave his first school cause he liked to steal laptops. Of course, if his father had succeeded sweet Cam would have been playing for Mississippi State.

    I’m just embarassed for us that guy’s sister had to act that way.

  • hey crackers

    You white people are the worst. Always looking for the opportunity to talk down on black people like no white person has ever done something like this lol. You are the worst people.

  • MIKE B.

    Wow! I don’t agree with all the racist comments. People seem to only look at the reaction of Jr’s sister but not the action that made her react the way she did. My past experienc with the Chinese culture has not been good. They can be very rude and no class… Not defending Jr’s sister, however, Chinese can be very rude people and then when someone’s react to them they want to be the victim!!!

  • Ima Bigot 2

    Bigotry is fun, I want to play too.

    Americans should not be allowed out of their country, since they all act like violent morons everywhere they go. Time to either close our borders to these war mongering American thugs, or charge them all a massive pre-emptive fine at the border for the damage they will inevitably cause. Loud-mouth violent animals, all of them. Cheap cunts too.

  • R A

    Why is anyone surprised? Smith is nothing but a thug himself, so why not the sister? I’d laugh my ass off if the Chinese authorities threw her butt in jail. Stay classy, Smith family!!!

  • cracker slayer

    Joeblow and Dave go get fucked by Jerry Sandusky…


    my question is, how did Chun Li allow a fat slob like that get her hands around her neck, Chun li has to have about a hundred Kung Fu counter moves for that and then a high super kick to finish her.

  • Mike D.

    @ ted, seidox, College Educated, Concerned don’t worry about the comments made by Joe BLow(‘s) Dave sketch & Tommy(‘s)G(ay asses)cuz their racist [email protected]****s!

    None of these highly socially challenged idiots even remotely have a clue about the origin of the word N****R. They don’t know that that word wasn’t even created for black people, but that it was a handed down/given to black people by the white slave owners who kidnapped africans & brought them over here on boats to build this country and take credit for it! They don’t know that it was already attributed to POOR-WHITE-TRASH/ TRAILER PARK TRASH, which are two more terms that they created for their OWN kind!

    So before any white person uses that word know your history…
    after all, it’s mostly you alls history that’s taught in schools!!!

  • Smjr, Milktoast

    I usually don’t kick people’s asses in a country where I don’t know how to say “Not Guilty” in they’re language. She is an idiot and a goon. The Chinese would be well within their rights to jail and/or deport her. I hear Chinese jails are quite the experience.

  • Mick

    Wonder how many welfare checks she had to save up to get over there? Somebody needs to tell her that they have a one child law in China so there ain’t no chance to supplement her income.

  • Realnyce

    i live in the Capital of NY. They are a lot of Chinese students here and they are some of the most racist people iv’e ever encounter. Image them coming my Country acting like that. So i know how the Chinese people can be.

  • john hillel

    The more the calendar advances the more “niggarish” they get,the Chinese,European and all the other basketball leagues should learn not to bother with these subhumans,let them Roth in their ghettos because they are not fit to leave the country.All of you Negroes do not realize that the fat pig through a bottle on the court because she didn’t like the call??!!The Georgetown subhumans thought they could go to china and do their thug nigga crap with the Chinese but they didn’t stand for it and kick their monkey ass out of town!!We should learn from this here in America and do the same!!Shame on you Africans,when will you finally learn to behave in like normal people?

  • Realnyce

    No , we are great people that’s why you can’t win.

  • Realnyce

    Just another piece of trash.

  • jbmony

    Wow!!! Well based on some the things he has done over here, I guess it runs in the family. JR is over there because he thought there wouldn’t be an NBA season and now he’s stuck. Deron Williams signed with a team from Turkey and yet he was able to return stateside. JR is a victim of bad advice (mostly his own) so I’m not surprised at his sister’s actions. Sad to see and I must say this….a fool and his money shall soon part ways. The Chinese team did squabble with G’Town over here but damn, you’re in their hood now..watch out!!!

  • Realnyce

    Tell that to the troops. One word for you. ( Stupid )

  • jbmony

    Isn’t there something like 2 billion ppl in China??? JR’s sister is in for the ass-kicking of her life once the lady she choked gets her kinfolk involved…and there won’t be nothing that JR can do about it. Funny but very sad in a way. JR probably brought her over for support since he must honor his contract but to have this happen must be very embarrassing even for him…and he ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer himself.

  • Tim Tebow

    “Doug Collins” and all the other trailer trash hear about 3 black people doing something and say “that’s how those n****rs act” and attribute it to all black folks, discount all the folks of the lighter hue who do things 10x times worse and who you rarely hear about in the news!!!

    No worries…you reap what you sow!!!

  • You are absolutely vile.

  • Caryn

    I don’t this is an issue with her been an Afircan American it’s she has a attitude just like her brother and if they don’t address it they are going to be in a world of depression later in life. Shame on you Sister!

  • Wow! I have to be an idiot for reading the post of all these racist losers! Get a life! I going to reclaim mines now!

  • Al Marshall

    You are allowing too many rasist comments! If I see another african american word that is not fitting, I will have your website shut down!!!

  • Realnyce

    You can tell from the comments. you can be any race and be ignorant. Why do you call us African , that’s how i know your not smart. Go back to school will ya. Please. Lol

  • jbmony

    Hey realnyce!! If that was a response to my comment explain this….stupid is being in another country as militarily mighty as China, provoking a bball crowd with a shameless act and not having TROOPS backing you up…now that’s my definition of STUPID. I have relatives who have served and continue to serve and they have never pulled stunts like that even when they were given off-duty time to check out the places, if feasible, where they were serving and never have they pulled stunts like that WITH military backing.

  • Jeff

    The oriental woman should have head butted the bitch. That would cure her sorry ass.

  • Jeff

    The Oriental woman should have head butted the goon. That would have cured her sorry self.

  • I’m allowing the comments because I want people to see just how racist (and beyond ignorant) people can be.

    Clearly I’m not in agreement with those comments

  • wish

    It’s funny how everyone jumps to blame JR’s sister even though the article said details are sketchy. We have no idea what happened. The Chinese lady could have spat on her or thrown something at her because she said something to defend her brother. I consider myself calm collected and very mature but there are certain things i will not let slip no matter where i’m at.

  • Tien Nguyen

    Clearly Jeff, who the hell still use the word oriental for Asians you racist douche!

  • Realnyce

    No , When you try to down a race because of the behavior of a few is stupid. When you act like this country is yours , that’s stupid. My family has died for our country like yours. Also we don’t care China”s military. We die for this Country.

  • One angry woman! Not a good reflection on America.

  • Bigsuhn

    @ Mike D – You’re partly correct on the historical bastardization of the ‘N’ word. Like most things that were hijacked by European’s during the colonization of the indenginous world, this too has been used as a political tool to further their racist agenda. The etymological root of the word derives from Niger (W.African country)which has its root from the word Naga’s. Naga’s is an ancient Black Serpent God worshiped by the ancient Khemites and Hindoos. So, the word has a very strong energy that when used in-correctly can cause
    the negative emotional response that spiritless ignorant people thrive on.

    Please see link for further enlightenment. Warning if you have a calcified pineal gland you may experience comprehension difficulties!


  • BBallFan

    The Chinese ain’t f.uckking with you… They want America, they don’t want yo ghetto A..S..S… They say “Out of the hood but the hood ain’t outta you…” You in China now, you outta da ghetto but u apparently brought da gghetto wid you to China… F.PH.at beietch… hop on the treadmill yo! You give us all a bad name, I think the Chinese shoulda locked you up and put u in front of the f*r*ng squad..


    Bigshun you could not be more wrong! There are several variations of the N word and where it came from, lets not be stupid about it. Negro is a Latin word of color mainly black. Please leave race out of it, it was meant to identify a class of people mainly south of the Sahara who were sold by their own people for profit. In the first colony on N. America the English version of the word Negro was closer to what we recognize as the N word today. The website you link is only as ignorant as the person who uses it as a reference. Either way what does it have to do with a girl choking another person at a game. Ignorance knows no bounds when it comes to race. Unless someone puts their hands on you don’t touch them.

  • lisa

    @BBALL–hahahahaha, so funny, you pretending to talk as if we were to believe you were an ignorant black person…but we know you’re white…so funny, dufus. And what does weight have to do with anything?

    I noticed when white men talk about this, they usually have very small d*cks, which is why they hate on big women all the time…black men, of course, dont have this problem 🙂

    And, we dont know the details, until we do, lets not rush. They are very free with the N word over there, se we dont know.

  • Doug

    Huh, imagine that, a former NBA players family acting all ghetto.

  • The IQ

    Watch a soccer game in Europe and you’ll see “civilized” whites behaving ten times worse than this, multiple times throughout the game. The bait is a powerful force not to surrender to, most of you already did.

    B.T.W- White men rape little black boys.

  • Avenger

    Hey Tien Nguyen……..YOU sound like a real douche bag! China is in what historically has been called the Orient (The East). Therefore, Chinese are not only Asian, they are also Oriental.

  • Joe American

    Black people make trouble where ever they are, this is why everybody hates them.

  • PNicz

    Spell check, people, spell check.

    Defending herself? She looks like she’s at least 180lbs. A small Chinese lady and an 80 (80!) year old man isn’t much of a threat. Even if she was provoked, an 80 year old man?! Jeez.

    Stephanie Smith’s tweet is the worst offender. Was that even a real sentence?

  • Don1

    what if it was the other way around, and the cameras just caught the tail end of the fight, looks like it was going to be a double team. Ghetto does not mean when people fight then its ghetto. People always think the smaller person is the innocent victim, and automatically attack the bigger person or the blacker person. That is why guy’s go to jail faster then women, and the darker you are the more it is your fault. One more question, is Hockey Ghetto? They fight all the time.

  • I was under the impression that Orient was a style, i.e. oriental furniture as opposed to addressing asians as such. SMH

  • Biscoche

    Using the word “Oriental” is not racist – It’s ignorant but not racist. If “jeff” had said “chink”, now that would have been racist. Same as using the word “goon”, that’s racist. Everybody, get a hold of your selves. Wait till the full story comes out before you get your chinis in a bunch.

  • Mike

    This is the first time that I have read one of your stories. It seems to be useless babble. Why publish useless babble?

  • Clearly I disagree with your assessment. But everything isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of choices for Sports information, perhaps my outlet isn’t the one for you.

  • She Tweeter these word, taken out of Tweeter, Quote…..How bout these Chinese ppl gone learn 2day bout f****n with us!!! No matter what happened, these word can impact, If we are a guess in someones else country, we should act as ambassadors. We should impress, not going out of control and put yourself, your race and your country and those around you on the spot.

  • Sunshine

    Wow everyone on here is discussing race and basically stepping down to her level. What she tweeted was very racist and wrong. But it’s not because she is black or white etc., it’s because she is not a good person. She should have to answer for her actions. I agree that we don’t know the whole story and maybe the lady that she attacked was the original aggressor but it still does not condone what she tweeted. That is very racist no matter how you look at it. Yet here I see everyone name calling and making racial slurs as well. So pretty much you are acting no different than she did.

  • Rehina1956

    I am amazed at the lack of common sense and scruples that are constantly displayed on the world stage by down right nasty mouthed Americans. It doesn’t matter her race or ethnic background. She is a disgrace to America, herself and her mother. I am so tired of the issue with the “N” word. If they want people to stop calling them that then maybe they should set the example and stop calling each other that and using it in every other lyric in their songs. I’m just saying. Move on people!

  • True Sailor

    None of us know the full story and a lot of you are jumping the gun to point the finger. On a positive note…

    H-Rap Mike’s comment @ 1223 on 1-12-2012… Funny! Great comic relief! Keep up the good work and Bravo Zulu (…waiting)!

    Jason’s comment @ 1225 on 1-12-2012… Thank you for posting a common sense response! Most people posting today about this article don’t have any!

    MIKE B’s comment @ 1251 on 1-12-2012… Thank you for shedding some light on the culture in China. Granted, not everyone there acts that way, but obviously, like me, you’ve experienced the negative side.

    JERRY’s comment @ 1309 on 1-12-2012… Funny comment, but not everyone in China practices Wushu (Kung Fu as we say in the U.S.)!

    Wish’s comment @ 1419 on 1-12-2012… Thank you! The key word, “sketchy!”

    Biscoche’s comment @ 1735 on 1-12-2012… Thank you! Once again, back to that keyword… sketchy!

  • Mai Mishimoto

    I find it hard to really defend or find justification for either party member same for some the comments actually read on here, listen everyone it’s not up to us as people to judge ignorantly for the things we’ve read in an article.
    For whatever reason this woman decided to place her hands around another human beings neck but lets not take a way from the fact something could’ve happen or been said prior for this to actually happen.
    Also take notice when you’re upset no matter how respected you may be or educated when angry you will say regretable things.

    As for the “N” word even if African American’s or “Blacks” cease to use the word ignorant people will continue to use the word so you can not say they should lead and be an example for a word.

    Please everyone just reflect on it for a little while a picture is worth a million words but still it seems these pictures posted only show part of the story.

  • To those who commented that we don’t know enough about what happened to blame “mom” for her behavior because the article said some details were “Sketchy”, may I remind you the article did say she threw a bottle on the court in response to JR getting fouled but not getting the call. OK…repeat for you slow learners…she threw a bottle on the court. Are you getting it now. The fight came after. She is a rude, ignorant woman who has done damage to the image of America in a country where they will spread that story over the entire nation. I don’t care what color she is. Dumb and selfish knows no color.

  • russell collins

    lets not talk about racist, we all come from the original human being
    on this planet, contrary to what every one says, we are no different from the next person, only our actions and deeds determines our worth in this society, i too am from the ghetto, but is does not give me the right to physically attack another human being, have we not forgotten the lesson of Mr. Martin Luther King, together we can get to the promised land, violence never solves anything, it can only incite, it takes less energy to make friends than enemies. when we visit a foreign country we should act like ambassadors representing america, even at home we have an image problem, the jails are full with innocent black brothers and sister, while the true criminals run free, we dont help our self image when we continue to lose our head, we must allways be on our guard against things that will tarnish our image, for those racist remarks, just report it, we have laws now to protect us, we can even sue, even over sea, so dont lose your cool, just get a lawyer and be happy that you might be a millionair, yes this is true, it has happening every day, keep your anger in check, just remember in todays world, harrasment will not be tolerated.

  • VikTokyo

    Is this the same gentleman that wanted out of his Chinese contract the day the NBA decided to resume play again in the US and was acting like a child to break his contract? DEVIL’s ADVOCATE: Perhaps his sister was brought in to play havoc and disrupt things so badly the Chinese would return him back to the US… Either way, this family should be very sad the sister acted in this manner as she represents not only herself, her brother and family but an entire nation. I’m going to China and I plan to represent the US as a good ambassador regardless of what happens.

  • annoyingjoe

    Kung-Fu Panda

  • TruSkeptik

    Your “allowing” the comments only to show how racist and ignorant people can be? Reporting the story was by far the best way to show that. Miller’s “sister” gets the grand prize. You really need to broaden your thinking here, Jill. When something like this happens, in the context of the very peculiar civil psychology that exists in the US today, what in the world did you expect? Could there be any acceptable rationalization for this woman’s actions in your opinion, or would you excuse them because (1) the perpetrator is a woman, (2) the perpetrator is black, (3) the perpetrator appears to be greatly overweight, (4) the perpetrator suffers from low self esteem, (5) the perpetrator is uneducated (and perhaps uneducatable), (6) the perpetrator comes from a broken home, (7) etc., etc. etc. At some point even you are going to have to realize that the response to anything that rubs you the wrong way is not to shout “racism”.

  • Where did I mention racism? I took the very basic approach of waiting to hear more facts before rushing to judgement. At the time of this posting, details that led up to the incident hadn’t been released. Therefore I simply said that an incident took place.

    There is nothing wrong with reserving judgement until the full story is revealed. The fact that you have a problem with that speaks to your own bias and assumptions.

  • firebrand

    Finally,black people are beginning to openly reject the confrontational racism the chinese like.In summer the whole world saw them throwing chairs at players.Let chinese continue taunting blacks when they meet them everywhere.Let them call them ghosts as usual.But they should remember chinese hate being confronted,being discriminated upon.When a journalist calls Chinese goons,they go mad around the world.

  • ben

    You are allowing comments to show racism? Seems like you are a drama queen.

  • This is funny in many different ways, because some asians can be very rude by culture. But she still shouldn’t have chocked the woman.

  • Brad

    The only take away from the comments that I have are:

    1. Lisa sees a lot of wang – maybe a profession change needs to happen.
    2. Everyone is embarrassed by this moron in China.
    3. People disagree on the meaning of the word ghetto – which is a group of people living in a certain area. The slang leans toward intercity shitheadedness or things of poor quality, but isn’t exclusive to intercity poor black neighborhoods.

    But, she’s ghetto as shit.

  • Stevie J.

    Denver basketball fans know full well how both J.R. and his sister can act.
    He signed a 1 year deal anticipating the NBA lockout to last much longer.
    Disrupting play and having his sister act a fool are attempts at having the China contract voided.
    As screwed up as he is, the Chinese let him go and he”e welcomed back to the NBA with wide open arms.
    This time period in life, talent trumps assinine antics every time…

  • TeamUSA

    Great ambassador for our country! The ugly, loud, aggressive, unruly American stereotype is still strong in Asia thanks to this classless p.o.s.

  • USMC79

    I guess you can take the N out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the N!!!

  • Uncle Ruckus

    You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but not the ghetto out of the girl. Then again Ni Ho Kai Lan prolly deserved it. Can you say Egg Roll??

  • they fight just as bad as they drive


  • nemo

    Make her ambassador to China?

  • Cman

    shocker. who would have expected this from a knee grow?

  • Bigsuhn

    @ Petefeet You obviously did NOT read the article!

  • Ian

    The “N” word ? This reminds me of religious people who write G-d (god) instead of god because writing the word god would be blasphemous. As though writing the would nigger will get you struck by lightning. Nun are so hopelessly enslaved as those who erroneously believe themselves to be free.

  • That’s what’s wrong with these NBA Players. They think they’re Gods Gift to this world. Well, wake up and smell the coffee. You’re no longer a sought after player in the US. He should be happy that somebody picked him up and puts up with his crap. But no he just shows how ungratefull he is by his crazy demands. If I would be the Golden Bulls I would drop him like a bad habit. Lets see where he would get a paycheck from when nobody else picks him up. As for his sister she is a very bad example for americans around the world the way she acted. It’s no wonder people around the world don’t like us americans with antics like these. No matter the reason I would never represent myself or my country in a demening matter.

  • Good Sense

    I clicked the link to the article because the craziness of the headline caught my eye. My first thought? “I can’t believe twitter didn’t tell me this happened.” Point: I am not going to pretend like I’m taking some high moral ground because after reading the article I was still amused. With that said:
    The racism and ignorance mentioned by Jill was in reference to the posters, not anything related to the article. The etymology of the word “nigger” is irrelevant as it’s modern definition is commonly understood to be a derogatory racially based slur. While I think the word “ghetto” is overused, and recognize that the use of the the term has come to be a description of negative stereotypical behavior of Black people by people who are uncomfortable being overtly racist or those who lack a vocabulary, I also understand that the figurative and connotative meanings of word are as relevant and correct as the literal and denotative meaning. I would simplly suggest that the bigot be bold enough to say what they mean, and the ignorant learn some more words.
    Lastly, the craziest thing in the entire article to me was that she threw a water bottle on the court. As long as her brother has been playing that suggests that something outrageous occurred on the court, or she’s crazy. Either way, I’m telling everybody that his sister went to China and choked somebody out :o)

  • Reenua

    Wow, most of the White responses are that she set a bad example of Americans but four US servicemen pissing on Afgan bodies is a great example of being an American—-Wow, go figure. Also the response from: Joe American says:
    January 12, 2012 at 5:09 pm
    Black people make trouble where ever they are, this is why everybody hates them.

    —-Sorry Sir but you are totally wrong, everyone doesn’t hate Black people around the world—the world hate White people. The body– dead or alive of a White American Soldier has a million dollar bounty on it today in most parts of the world. You need to get your facts right. 3/4 of the world is of color—White is the minority of the worlds population and you cause conflict wherever you go…..YOU ARE THE MOST HATED PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Sorry, but just pointing out the facts………

  • Anonymous

    They just can’t behave like civilized people where ever they go.
    It’s just too bad it didn’t suffer the consequences and
    ended up in prison.

  • Tbmtllc

    “They”.  Im sure you are an uneducated, friendless, moron, lol…..

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  • Jrctown

    You can take a nigger out of the hood and put him in china, but he is still a NIGGER!

  • Baypointhomes

    Smiths family is a disgrace to the game and to America…I am ashamed of them , it’s behavior like that that is hurting the human race…….sad sad………

  • Anonymous


  • Alex44

    Whats wrong with they? Hey-assholes come in all colors!

  • This is a late post. But these people are highly uncivilized. SMH

  • Highway

    She needs anger management,  J R needs more guidance. Chit man
    I have seem mayhem at soccer games, and in baseball stadium parking lots.
    Then she was ever envolved in.
    Jeez I have even seen more vigorus action at City Hall council meetings.
    By the way whats this” they” Im hoping it is out of context. Only as in Sis and Bro
    thing, not as a racial grouping.

  • Truts

    I was “privy” to knowing this family in NJ in the 1990s. Trash, especially Stephanie.