JR Smith not happy Brook Lopez selected over him as All-Star replacement for Rondo


JR Smith has put together an impressive season so far for the Knicks. Smith is in contention for sixth man of the year but he also felt his accomplishments this season earned him a trip to Houston as an All-Star. When Rajon Rondo went down that opened up a spot on the East. NBA.com put up a poll asking fans to vote for who should take that spot.



I guess JR thought the fan vote actually mattered like it does for the starters and was a bit perturbed that Brook Lopez was given the open spot and not him. Naturally, he took to Twitter to express his displeasure.



Chin up JR. I’m sure your all-star party will be great. He’s hosting with Basketball Wives LA star Brooke Bailey.




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  • Reality

    Damn, I hate to agree with him but… yeah. I agree with him. Brook Lopez is a bum and Smith is an all-star talent any day. That’s really unfortunate.

  • V

    Spam much…?!

  • Dan cohn

    All that matters for JR is all the knicks fans love him and know that he is a all-star for the ny knicks and the knicks better be ready to roll up their sleeves and give JR a nice contract next season he deserves it and knicks fans would go bonkers if we let JR walk without giving him what he really deserves which is a nice little contract probably around 4 years for 13 million a season so 4 years and 52 million for JR sounds just about right!!!!!..

  • Jr Smith seems like he has never missed a short jumpshot. Why does he takes some bad angles on shots from the corner? He averages 3 assists per game. I think hes an all star if that number is five

  • Yeah as usual david (aka) little hitler stern picks a player that just doesnt deserve to be their.brooke has missed games this season due to injury also he has 80%of his shots set up for him and he isnt a strong rebounder or defender and how many game winning buzzer beaters has brooke made this year thats right 0 stern should have had about 4-5 other players ahead of lopez to make the team its all about politics as the nets didnt have a represenitive in the game and thats all it is david stern got it wrong again he is a fck idiot and should have let someone else make the plck

  • Basslickfingers

    JR’s close, but I would’ve chosen Brook Lopez over him. JR would’ve been next on the list though.