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Roc Nation Sports has reportedly alerted Nike that Under Armour has presented a deal for Kevin Durant worth between $265 million and $285 million over 10 years, sources told

The deal is not a straight cash out, it includes stock options and other incentives, like a community center built in his mother’s name. Keep in mind, Under Armor is based in Baltimore, KD is from DC and there have been talks of him possibly returning to his hometown to play for the Wizards in two years once he’s a free agent.

For most, it seems like a no brainer for KD to take the offer from UA and keep it moving. But let me give you some additional information. Under Armor got its start as an apparel brand deeply rooted in football, the brand started taking off in 1998 when it was featured in the football based film, “Any Given Sunday.”

In 2003, the company launched their first commercial, and their first warning shot at Nike that they were coming to take over. That was also my first year working for Nike, so I remember that warning shot well, and out seriously the Nike took UA coming for them with the plan to expand into cleats and completely dominate in football. Since then, UA has continued to grow, however only 1% of their biz is derived from the NBA.

Nike on the other hand has reportedly offered KD a deal  with a base and a minimum royalty guarantee that would equal no less than $20 million a year. The royalty is a big thing and part of why the UA offer is fluid. In 2013, Nike saw its KD sales rise from $35 million to $175 million, and this was BEFORE KD won the MVP award.

Bottom line, if the move to UA doesn’t produce the product that people want to purchase, those millions are actually a lot less. Nike has the right to match, but then that would place KD’s deal higher than both LeBron’s and Kobe’s.

This will be interesting to watch, compelling business opportunity with a lot of risks. But, you know the old saying, high risk, high reward.


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50 Cent Goes In On Floyd Mayweather Jr Again [Video] Thu, 21 Aug 2014 16:37:13 +0000 50-cent-trolls-Floyd

Listen, 50 cent is a bully. But we’ve known this for quite some time. That doesn’t mean that some of his antics aren’t highly entertaining.  Fiddy took to Instagram on Thursday morning to challenge Floyd in his own version of the ALS ice bucket challenge, and to tell him not to take his aggravation with Nelly out on him.

Hilarity ensues


I just woke up, Floyd you know better.don’t get me started you paid a private investorgater to find miss J. You love her man and Nelly took her. Lmao the nigga swoop down like a bird outta the sky. He to tall champ you can’t you win. Lol

Floyd will you except my ALS/ESL CHALLENGE: I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, If you can read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without starting and stopping or fu**ing up. lmao

I hope Nelly and Miss Jackson feature a guest appearance from 50 on their new reality show!

Speaking of, Shantel recently had a bit of Instagram beef with the “fan page” of Floyd’s new girlfriend Doralie Medina. The “fan page” tagged Shantel in this post.


Responses below.


Miss-Jackson-vs-MedinaSocial media can be so MUCH!

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Steelers Running Backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount Arrested For Weed Possession Thu, 21 Aug 2014 16:03:55 +0000 Le'veon-Bell-LeGarrette-Blount

The NFL season has started. So in theory, if one was to engaging in the recreational use of weed, most would realize that once you return to training camp, its a good time to let go of the hobby. But apparently that thought didn’t cross two Pittsburgh Steelers running backs.

Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested in Ross Township, Pennsylvania on Wednesday for possession of marijuana. Reportedly the two and a female companion were pulled over because the officer smelled weed from the car. Bell was the driver and is also being charged with driving under the influence.

The officer allegedly found 20 grams of weed in the back of the car. All three admitted the weed was theirs and completely cooperated. They were arrested and released, but Bell was taken to a hospital to have blood drawn for DUI testing. In Pennsylvania, possession of 30 grams or less is a misdemeanor punishable by up to $500 in fines and/or 30 days in jail.

For illustrative purposes, I Googled what is 20 grams of weed. I couldn’t find a photo, but I did find a photo on a scale of a 3 gram bud from



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JR Smith Brings 3 Big-Booty Girls To A Hotel? [Video] Thu, 21 Aug 2014 14:54:41 +0000 Sometimes, my job is simply to provide a bit of clarity for you. Video footage on TMZsports shows Knicks star JR Smith taking three big-booty girls to a hotel. Presumably, for a night that most men – maybe a few women too – dream of.


The reality is that JR and the ladies were headed to the Ciroc Pineapple event that was at The Empire Hotel rooftop as a post party for USA basketball game.

JR-Smith-Common-Melo-Pecas ciroc-pineapple-event

JR has a girlfriend, former reality TV show cast member Ashley. Remember KMichelle posted her phone number last year.


photos via @Jim_ice

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Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife’s Chicago Home in Foreclosure Wed, 20 Aug 2014 17:25:19 +0000 Siohvaughn-Wade

Are you ready for update number 9,999 on the legal issues that are still plaguing Dwyane Wade in his divorce from Siohvaughn Funches? Last July, DWade’s publicist sent out a press release announcing that the divorce’s financial terms had finally been settled.

DWyane and Siohvaughn have been separated since 07-08 but the financial aspect of the case was ongoing. There was no prenup. The court awarded Siohvaughn $5 million plus the home in Chicago. But as I shared with you from my exclusive interview with Sio at that time, she did not want to accept those terms. At that time, she was behind on the mortgage of the home.

Fast forward to a year later and the $1.2 million home located in South Holland, a Chicago suburb, is in foreclosure. The home is still in DWade’s name although it was awarded to Siohvaughn, but his lawyer states that he has no financial obligation to pay.

Dwyane is set to marry Gabrielle Union on August 30th in Miami.



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Cleveland Browns Name Brian Hoyer As Starting QB Wed, 20 Aug 2014 17:04:52 +0000 browns-QB

The Quarterback battle in Cleveland has been settled, at least for now. Brian Hoyer will be the Browns starting QB on September 7th when they face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Johnny Manziel will be the number two option.

“He was the clear leader from the beginning,” Pettine said in a statement. “We’ve maintained all along that if it was close, I would prefer to go with the more experienced player. Brian has done a great job in the meeting rooms and with his teammates on the practice field and in the locker room.”

It’s not as if Hoyer was blowing Manziel out in practice. The reports are that Johnny’s middle finger outburst during Monday night football, and his overall cavalier attitude is what really caused him to lose the starting spot. I bet by week 3 there will be another change.

But for now, Brian Hoyer ladies and gentlemen.

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Steve Ballmer Leaving Microsoft To Focus On Clippers Wed, 20 Aug 2014 13:42:13 +0000 clippers-steve-ballmer

Newly minted Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is leaving Microsoft’s board of directors. Ballmer was one of the company’s first 30 employees and just last year left his job as CEO of the company.

Ballmer will be spending quite a bit of time in LA now that he’s assumed ownership of the franchise, after purchasing the team from the Sterling Trust for $2 billion.

“I bleed Microsoft — have for 34 years and I always will,” Ballmer wrote. But he cited the coming fall NBA season, civic contribution and teaching as keeping him from fully serving on the company’s board.

Ballmer still owns 4% of the company which is about 333 million shares, so it’s not as if he’s completely freeing himself from Microsoft. But he’s clearly enthusiastic about his new team. If you missed the introduction of Ballmer to the Clippers fans, treat yourself!

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Rihanna, Coldplay & Katy Perry Being Considered For 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Act Wed, 20 Aug 2014 13:22:36 +0000 Rihanna-Raptors-Nets

The NFL has a short list of three acts they’re looking to book for the 2015 Super Bowl. Rihanna, Katy Perry and Coldplay are all on the list, but there’s a possible twist brewing. The NFL is thinking of asking performers to pay for the exposure.

During the 2014 Super Bowl telecast, viewing actually went up from 112 million viewers to 115 million during the actual game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the NFL had narrowed its list of 2015 performers down to the aforementioned three, and have asked at least one whether they’d consider contributing post-show tour revenue, or make another type of financial contribution. Those sources told the WSJ that the pay-to-play suggestion was not well-received.

Usually, the performer does the show for free minus travel. I think the NFL should stick with the plan they have in place. The set up works great for them as well. They benefit too from the fans of the artist who might not be football fans but tune in.

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Nicki Minaj Drops Visuals for “Anaconda” [Video] Wed, 20 Aug 2014 05:44:41 +0000 nicki

Nicki Minaj dropped the visuals for her single “Anaconda.” If you haven’t heard the single, it samples Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic “Baby got back.” Rest assured, Nicki’s ample cakes are on full display. This video is NSFW or tender eyes.


Nicki said she thinks of Drake like a brother…

Drake-Nicki-MinajWonder what it would be like if she thought of him like a boo.

nicki-minaj-anaconda-video nicki-minaj-Anaconda-video

photos via @Nickiminaj

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Washington Redskins DBacks Show Support For Mike Brown & Ferguson [Video] Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:47:36 +0000 Redskins Michael Brown Hands Up
The Washington Redskins defensive backfield showed support for murdered Missouri teen Mike Brown during Monday Night Football. Walking out on to the field with their arms raised, signaling the “Hands up” motion that has come to represent the protestors who are demanding answers from the Ferguson police department.

“We just want to show our supporters what’s going on in St. Louis,” safety Brandon Meriweather said after the game. “We just wanted to show support.”


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James Harden Says He’s The Best Basketball Player Alive Right Now Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:07:29 +0000 James-Harden

In order to be at the top of your game, you have to believe you are the best. So, when I hear an athlete has been asked who the best player is, I don’t have a problem if they say, “I am.”

In a recent ESPN interview, that’s exactly what Rockets two-guard James Harden said:

Scoop: Bottom line, you are on this team and a lot of players aren’t, but in your mind, who is the best basketball player alive right now?

Harden: Myself.

Scoop: That’s what I was about to say, “including you.” You made that sound like it was an easy answer.

Harden: It is. Myself.

Scoop: Then here’s the question: Are you where you want to be basketball-wise, even if you are the best?

Harden: Nowhere near close. I’ve got a long way to go, a lot of learning to do, improvements to make. Um, you know, as long as I’m listening and focused on the right things, I can reach my potential.


Here’s the advice I always follow from the Queen, Beyonce. “I’m not a betting woman, but I always bet on myself.”

Nothing wrong with that approach to life.


photo via @JHarden13

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Steve Ballmer Says Clippers Will Be “Hard Core” Tue, 19 Aug 2014 14:40:16 +0000 steve-ballmer

The Los Angeles Clippers held a rally on Monday at Staples Center to celebrate their transition to new ownership. About 7500 fans showed up to the arena on a workday to celebrate with new owner Steve Ballmer, head coach Doc Rivers and Clippers players Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and more.


Steve Ballmer is PUMPED for his new role as owner. Ballmer came out to Eminem’s “Lose yourself,” while screaming and high fiving fans.

Ballmer seems like he’s going to be fun. Some of the highlights from the conference.


- Ballmer again reiterated that he was not moving the team to Seattle.
- He’s not necessarily looking to change the team’s name.
- Ne never played basketball but he took stats and he’s a huge fan. Side note, Ballmer and I have something in common.
- He also gave out his e-mail address
- He said the Clippers will be “Hardcore” like Lil Kim’s first album … nah he just said the hardcore part.
- He said the Clippers will have many more titles over the next 26 years, than they’ve had in the last 26 years in LA, they’ve been here a little longer than that, but we’ll roll with it.

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Johnny Manziel Gives The Finger To Washington’s Bench [Video] Tue, 19 Aug 2014 14:03:43 +0000 johnny-manziel-middle-finger

Is the pressure already starting to get to Cleveland Browns rookie Johnny Manziel? During Manziel’s first Monday Night Football appearance, the QB flipped off Washington’s bench and of course, ESPN cameras caught it.


Washington’s bench reportedly was telling Manziel this is the pros, not college and he’s not quite ready. Manziel had a rough night, and that was his response. The cameras also caught the Browns PR guy letting him know that cameras caught him and he was once again a social media meme.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal, but he does need to show a bit more restraint under the glare of popularity.

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Roc Nation Sports Entering Boxing Promotion Mon, 18 Aug 2014 15:58:16 +0000 roc-nation-Sports

Roc Nation Sports is expanding. This time it’s not a new client it’s picking up. Instead it’s becoming a player in the world of boxing.

The agency just hired respected boxing promoter David Itskowitch to be the COO of the boxing division of Roc Nation Sports and, according to Roc Nation president and chief of branding and strategy Michael Yormark, it marks Roc Nation Sports’ official entrance into the boxing ring.

“There’s no question the sport of boxing needs a new player, someone who can do something different,” Yormark told last night. “We’re energized and we’re going to make a difference. This is a huge priority for us. This is a highly serious business to us.”

As of right now, Roc Nation Sports hasn’t signed any actual boxers or announced how they plan to help the sport of boxing. But Yormark believes that, by hiring Itskowitch, the agency is putting itself in place to make some serious moves in the world of boxing.

Itskowitch most recently worked for Golden Boy Promotions as its chief operating officer from 2007 through 2013.

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to interview boxing legends Sugar Ray Leonard and Roy Jones jr. I asked both what they felt could be done to bring the sport of boxing back to the forefront. Both agreed that a large part of the problem is that kids weren’t exposed to boxers and the sport in the same way as they were before. Could Roc Nation’s involvement in the sport help to make it popular again with the youth?

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NBA Players Union Director Michele Roberts Isn’t To be Played With Mon, 18 Aug 2014 14:14:04 +0000 Michele-Roberts_big

NBA Players Union Executive Director Michele Roberts has the task of being one of the only women in the male dominated world of the NBA. Obviously the players are male, but so are the majority of NBA Execs, owners and agents that Ms. Roberts will have to deal with heading up the union.

With some sort of lock out inevitable in 2017, does the thought of being the only woman in the room intimidate Roberts? Apparently, not at all. In a recent New York Times piece, Roberts had this to say.

“My past,” she told the room, “is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on.”

On the subject of her predecessor, Billy Hunter, Roberts plans to completely switch up the way the union operates. Doubling staff size, with the goal to bring more expertise to the organization.

“It was clearly run by Hunter without much input from other people,” she said during a long interview at her office in Washington. “It’s completely inconsistent with the way any entity, let alone any union, should be run.”

Roberts career started off as a public defender, later moving to a private firm specializing in the defense of violent criminals. In 2001 she moved into white-collar litigation.

The players are watching the owners collecting major money. In 2011, the players agreed to drop down to 50% of basketball related income, from a previous 57%. At the same time, the value for franchises has jumped and TV rights money is huge. The players won’t be able to get more of the BRI but I’m sure the union will be seeking a bigger cut of those new TV rights deals.

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LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Yasiel Puig & More Get In On the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [Video] Mon, 18 Aug 2014 13:10:16 +0000 lebron-ice-challenege

More stars are joining the ALS ice bucket challenge. Add in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Niners QB Colin Kaepernick, Dodgers Yasiel Puig, and Gabrielle Union, Cristiano Ronaldo and more.

Of course Kobe had to be different in his approach.

photos via Instagram

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Is Derrick Rose Back? [Video] Sun, 17 Aug 2014 19:52:49 +0000 Derrick-Rose

USA Basketball held the first of it’s friendlies in Chicago against Brazil’s national team. New Orleans Pelicans’ forward Anthony Davis showed why, at 21 he is the future. Davis had a game-high 20 points.

Of course the player everyone in Chicago was anxious to see was Derrick Rose. He showed signs of rust, playing at the Bulls home arena, the United Center, for the first time in nine-months. Rose had a couple of highlight moments that show promise of him looking something similar to his MVP form from a few seasons ago.


Rose recently stated that his game is totally different now. He also discussed the mental aspect that he’s looking to develop this season. Rose says he thinks it’s what’s been missing from his game.

“I think every year you got to add something to your game,” Rose said. “Physically, you’re going to reach that peak where you could damn near do everything you want to on the floor and the game then becomes mentally. Right now, that mental part is my part of the game that I’m missing…”

USA Basketball also showed support for their teammate Paul George. “United We Stand” shooting shirts were worn by all the members to honor George, who broke his leg two weeks ago during a scrimmage.



Team USA wins this match up 95-78.



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Hornets Jannero Pargo To Shell Out $22K Per Month In Spousal and Child Support Sun, 17 Aug 2014 18:08:06 +0000 Malaysia-Jannero-Pargo-Wedding-Photos

Forever seems to be shorter than ever these days when it comes to marriage. Especially marriages that are exposed to sports and reality TV. Charlotte Hornets Jannero Pargo and his ex-wife, “Basketball Wives LA” cast mate Malaysia have finalized their divorce. Malaysia filed last May, the couple have three children together.

According to TMZ and docs filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Malaysa was awarded primary physical custody, while the couple will share legal custody. But, I know what you’re really interested in, how much was she awarded in support:

Jannero was ordered to pay $15,380/month in child support and another $7,500/month in spousal support. He’s also responsible for $25,000 in attorneys’ fees.

Jannero just signed a one-year deal with the Hornets for $1.5 million. After taxes, that leaves approximately $750,000. Malaysia cut, is almost $300,000. Hope he’s been responsible for his money. Jannero has earned over $10 million in his 12 year NBA career.

Wonder if there was a prenup?
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Will Stephen A. Smith Be Bill Simmons Replacement on NBA Countdown? Sun, 17 Aug 2014 17:31:35 +0000 Simmons-steele

Last week it was announced that ESPN is giving Bill Simmons his own basketball show and he would be leaving ESPN’s “NBA countdown.” The spin was that this was Simmons idea, but the “New York Daily News” is saying he was booted because of a power struggle with Sage Steele.

It’s not a secret that the “World Wide Leader” has struggled with NBA Countdown since it’s debut three years ago. The cast has rotated members including Mike Wilborn, Magic Johnson and Jon Barry. But Sage Steele has brought some stability to the panel and the skill set of keeping the conversation moving. Even when Bill Simmons is upset that that he’s not allowed to dominate the conversation.


Simmons possible replacement, Stephen A. Smith. Would a dynamic of Smith, Jalen Rose, Doug Collins and Sage Steele convince people to stop wishing NBA Countdown was Inside the NBA?

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Mavs Chandler Parsons Put On Blast For Twitter DM [Photos] Sun, 17 Aug 2014 16:08:55 +0000 Chandler-Parsons

I always talk about the advantage social media has given to athletes and groupies alike when it comes to hooking up with one another. But an unexpected byproduct has been the rise of the internet vixen. These girls like their popularity, and they know one of the best ways to get attention is by putting said athlete on blast.

That’s what happened to Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons. A chick he met on Twitter named Mariah Corpus decided she would put him on blast for DMing her his number…


Why was she blasting him? No reason given, except this.


Mariah mariah=corpus Mariah-C-twitter

I really don’t think this is where hip-hop meant to take us.


Chandler responded.




photos via @MariahCorpus, @Blksportsonline

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