“Basketball Wives LA” Star Jackie Christie Leaks Then Deletes Topless Flick [Photo]


What do reality TV stars do if they want to keep themselves relevant? Leak some nudes of course. Now what if said reality star is almost 50 and a grandmother??? Welp, that would be “Basketball Wives LA” star Jackie Christie.

Late Tuesday night on Instagram, Jackie leaked a topless selfie that was quickly deleted. I say leaked because there are like 3 different prompts you go through before your photo is published to Instagram. At some point you’d have to see “whoops, my nips are out, might want to rethink this flick.” But as we all know, screenshots last forever. Clearly NSFW


You know Auntie Jackie is a freak…



photos via SiptheTea

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    I wouldn’t mind “sipping the tea”…..lol

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    Not bad at all