76’ers Royce White allegedly indulges in weed and sex parties [photos]


Earlier this week I shared with you that 76’ers big man Royce White was being investigated for assault. White has released a statement via his lawyer denying the allegations claiming the woman is a disgruntled employee.

“Royce has seen today’s media reports that law enforcement in Texas is investigating claims of domestic violence by a terminated and disgruntled former employee of his charitable organization. Royce vehemently denies the allegations and is looking forward to a speedy and just resolution of these unfortunate and unfair claims. It is all too easy to make allegations, especially when directed at a person who is in the public eye. Royce hopes that the media will be equally attentive when these allegations ultimately are rejected.”

Meanwhile, it looks as if someone else has an ax to grind with White. Photos and an interesting story about White’s alleged off-court behavior have been leaked. The source claims that White likes to have sex parties at his Houston area home that also include weed and guns. The story was sent to “Diary of a Hollywood Street King,” with “Baller Alert” providing the dirty deets:

“Last month, Royce invited two Mexican strippers from Minneapolis to stay at his home. He paid them each two-racks so he could humiliate them, and he and his boys could gang-bang them. He even videotaped the entire session.”

“Royce likes to get high on Kush all day, play video games with Bingo, and have the Global Music Business boyz over.”



 warning this next photo is not safe for work or tender eyes:


“Royce loves guns. He likes playing with ‘em. He even keeps a hand gun under his pillow when he sleeps.”

“Royce likes to show his sex tapes to his house guests when they come to his spot in Sugarland [Houston]. That house is used for GMB’s office … and it’s sex central station!”

Here’s the drop:

“Royce has four baby mommas … two from Minneapolis, one from Miami and one from Houston. He’s beaten on all of them, and even gave one of them chlamydia last month. He’s got three daughters and one son and doesn’t provide child support for any of them. They’re all scared to call the cops ’cause they know he can snap.”


Yikes! Take the story with a grain of salt however, that absolutely looks like White blowing those kush clouds- maybe it was hookah- and that surely looks like his tattoo in the sex party photo.  The real question, is Royce going to make it to the hardwood this season? I guess that whole anxiety disorder clears up when broads and bud are apart of the mix. Advice to Royce, no cameras and a confidentiality contract could be of use for situations like this.

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    Interesting to find enough negative articles in YARDBARKER.
    Go TMZ !

  • Tee Train

    Whack! That aint his tattoo in the pic n thats a pic of him younger. Yall odeeing getting paid to screen a mans life. Booooooo stop being mad at life!

  • Tee Train

    You should focus your time elsewhere, clearly you have misintentions. You should work on that.