Saints Johnny Patrick put on blast by Twitter vixen



The quandary of the modern day athlete. In the quest to consume as many new bodies as possible, athletes have taken to the ample availability of Twitter and Instagram “models, the plethora of vixens and strippers at their disposal. The problem with this comes when these women decides to expose said athlete. Usually once things head south with the situationship.

Today, I present to you the case of Saints Johnny Patrick, no, you probably don’t have any idea who he is but, hey – and a stripper named “Diamond the Body.” Standard issue situation, Patrick allegedly met Diamond via a social network, Patrick offered to fly Diamond the body out – and leave a key for her in the mailbox – and now she’s sending the text messages and shirtless photos he sent to the blogs.

Why? No idea, but like I said above, if they were in great standing, I doubt you’d be reading about their tryst right now. Maybe he didn’t buy her Chiptole. I think he should be happy that it’s not worst, after all he was leaving house keys for the young lady, imagine the damage she could’ve done.

Cause other than the fact that they were communicating, what are we really supposed to be in awe about? Maybe the fact that he sent for HER specifically? I’m unsure, just trying to get to the heart of the matter. :shrug:

And now, check out her Twerk video.

I know text is the easiest form of communication, especially when there’s probably very little bonding taking place in these conversations but it might be time to go back to actual phone calls. Stop believing these women are so enamored with you/your profession they won’t sell you out.


WHen it rains it pours, I guess Johnny thought he had the right formula with Diamond the Body, but someone absolutely got the money shot sent to them. An Anonymous young lady sent in the full monty to Baller Alert. Listen this is NSFW or tender eyes. You can see Johnny Patrick in ALL his glory HERE.

texts via MTO

Twerks via BSO

  • Linkdeville

    Ok, home girl is definitely working with more than a lil sumthin, but what is really going on here. My man JP plays for my home squad, which is my favorite team, which by default makes me a fan. Therefore, I gotta get his back. He just doin big thangs like a playa supposed to. When you attain a certain status in life, this is the kind of stuff you do…import bad B’s and drop somethin in ’em. Why…because he can. What is her deal though. Personally, I think she’s outta there. When the body starts to depreciate…game ova ba-by!