Photos of Terrell Owens massaging his naughty bits being shopped

I oftentimes refer to Twitter as “dial and deliver” for jocks. Anything they’re looking for is just a tweet away. Highlights of their last play, best place to eat in a city and a plethora of new work at their fingertips (“the work” being disposable females.)

One would think after all the stories of Tweet ups going bad and betrayal from the ones they love for a night, the guys would exercise a tad more discretion in these sorts of activities. This week’s example, Terrell Owens. A guy that certainly isn’t in a position to get any more negative press.

Apparently a young lady T.O. met on Twitter is shopping photos of him servicing his own parts. The situation evolved into a Skype relationship complete with cybersex components. During one of those sessions she allegedly snapped a few photos and is currently shopping them to various outlets.

I guess he thought Skype was safer than texting the photos…

It’s so hard to let your freak flag fly these days. ::giggle:: You know my number one rule, deal with someone who has as much to lose as you.


curtsy to BSO

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  • MrRLW

    Dammit T.O.!  Smh…

    “deal with someone who has as much to lose as you.” <<< I like that, Jill.